Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ooooh, Mockingjay leak...

ETA 08/25/2010: since this still seems to be getting traffic: book review over here.

I guess this is to be expected with a release this big, but it still comes out as a big controversy. For those who don't know, Andrew Sims of somehow got his hands on a copy of Mockingjay this past week. He tweeted about it. He posted a picture of it (the one you see above). How did his get it? Scholastic has no idea.

Response to this has been varied. The general consensus is something like "he will/should get in a lot of trouble for this". Of course, just reading comments in this article shows the wide range of feelings people are having:

by Mel C. in August 11 - 5:29 pm

I’m not mad at all. He of all people should be the one to get it. Andrew seems trustworthy enough not to spoil us! I’m just a tad jealous, though!


by Jlpnyy on twitter in August 11 - 5:13 pm



by MikeMagpuyo in August 11 - 5:10 pm

Luck beyond measure. Wow. Hope the end is grand and fulfilling.


by darcy in August 11 - 4:59 pm

why would he tell every onne i dot think that was smart

Sims comment (on the Examiner link I gave above): Sims responded to a request for a comment, saying "I don't really have any comment and honestly I'm just hoping for it to pass. I didn't expect it to get such a reaction!"

My thoughts: Meh. I don't like to presume I know what others' intentions were, but what exactly did he think would happen if he tweeted about it? That not one of his 10000+ followers and their followers' followers and so on would notice he had the most anticipated book of the year, the one with no ARCs, the one not even its publicist (Sheila Marie) got to read? That people wouldn't question him about the fact he's not supposed to have it? Why not be discreet about it?

Personally, though, what happens or doesn't happen to him concerns me not one bit so long as he doesn't post spoilers (which I don't think he will). I'm with Sassymonkey on this: I want to read this book when everyone else will be able to and the discussion will be thrilling and exciting and everyone will be in a frenzy to post about it and AH it will be so awesome.

But seeing the hardcover like that kinda made me really excited. That book! Out on the 24th! In our hands! SO. COOL.

ETA: This Google Blog Search results page yields some interesting commentary on what happened.


Midnight Bloom said...

I just heard about this too and I must say, I'm jealous he's already got his hands on a copy! Leaks are bound to be expected and it's surprising that we've only heard about one so far...

- Midnight

Krista/Tower of Books said...

I heard about this too and wondered how he got it. However, I'm not really outraged or anything, like some of the comments. I'm a pretty patient person, so waiting for its official release won't be too bad. =)

Alessandra said...

Wow, not even the *publicist* got to read the book in advance?! I didn't know that! It's totally crazy :) As for the leak, I'm insanely jealous, and wish it was ME who had that beautiful copy in my greedy little hands!

Steph from said...

Did he reveal anything or just tweet that he had it? Unlike what happened to Stephenie Meyer where Midnight Sun was released on the internet by a disgruntled whatever, This is moments from coming out and was probably a store clerk error, an internet error by a shipping clerk or a publicity stunt. Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust

Anonymous said...

That sucks. Kind of like what happened with Breaking Dawn back before it was released. If I got an advanced copy of a book I wouldn't share it online. I know fans of the series are super curious but I could never read spoilers. To come that far and then spoil myself on the internet? No way.

Rebecca Herman said...

I'm guessing since they shipped early, whether on purpose or by accident, some employee opened a box. I remember when some of the HP books were sold early at a convenience store or something, lol.

Alea said...

I think Sheila Marie should have gotten to read it!!!!!! I still need to read Catching Fire. 0_o

Amee said...

I bet he got a bookstore employee to open a box and sneak a copy. Or they put them all out and he's the only blogger/person to bother letting everyone know he has it. I know at the bookstore I work at we put the paperback of Hunger Games out a couple weeks early on accident. It happens.

Tina said...

Wow! That guys has connections. It's such a shame that it's been leaked.
@Michelle : was Breaking Dawn leaked as well?
@Rebecca : Lol, you're probably right.
@Amee : Wow, you work in a bookstore? That's awesome!

Carla said...

I think he's either incredibly stupid or incredibly big headed, way to go dude, you leaked the one thing you was probably supposed to keep a secret.

Unknown said...

I can't wait to read Mockingjay(I just got the husband hooked on the series, too!), and I have to confess I would *totally* gloat and post pictures if I were to obtain an advance copy. (I'm quite mature that way.) I actually would have expected more of a stir than there seems to have been over this little snafu so far, though. It's almost, dare I say it (?), disappointing.

Anonymous said...

He didn't expect to get such a reaction? Yeah, right. That comment in and of itself makes me mad.

I can't believe the publicist didn't get to read it! I hadn't heard that either. Where did you learn that? Crazy. A publicity stunt or not, the photo of the cover makes me even more excited about the release, too.

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