Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm gonna splurge on an iPhone. But...which one?

A brief history of my cell phones:

First one was icky but cheap & I was a satisfied 11-year-old with a phone. Text messaging! AH!

Second one was when we moved to Brazil. Also icky, but hey, I didn't much care. It crashed and burned a year later.

Third phone lasted six months because I knocked it off the bathroom sink and into the toilet while blow drying my hair. I melted it trying to blow dry it. I BROKE A NOKIA. HOW?

Fourth phone was a gift from my brother-in-law (married to my sister), a phone he tried to give my sister but she declared it "too complicated" for her to use. It was a nicer-than-I-was-used-to Nokia, but it doesn't do much of anything.

I really want a nice phone. I'm 17, have my own savings, so I figured I might as well get what I want. Now...I don't know what I want! Which is where bloggers come in.

Since I'm international, I have to buy the iPhone at much different rates than US users. Here are the prices:

32gb 3GS = USD $420
16gb 4G = USD $750

I can afford either (been saving for a looong time), but I figured I should ask people who actually have one. Is the 4G so good it justifies the price? I have read the comparisons online but also "so and so tech spec is better by 40%" doesn't mean much to me. I'm talking about user experience. Which do you guys recommend?


Carol said...

The 3GS.

A lot of the 4G's have problems: you can't hold it on the left side when talking; it's not really 4G--just 3G plus; and no flash so why pay extra? But it does have the front-facing camera.

The 3GS is better and it has more memory. I'm happy with my 3GS.

Lenore Appelhans said...

I decided against the iPhone and got a Blackberry.

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

I still have the original iPhone. I'd say save your money and get the 3G for now. The 4G or the next generation after that will come down in price and be better, later. :)

Anna said...

My mom has the new 4th generation iPhone, and my dad has one of the 3rd generation ones. The fourth generation is DEFINITELY worth the money. My mom hasn't had any dropped calls (while my dad does get them every once and a while with the old one) and she loves her phone to death. The ONLY thing she doesn't like about it is the automatic spell checker she has when she texts that she can't figure out how to turn off.

The 4G is definitely worth the money... we haven't had any problem with it at all.

Bri said...

Blackberry!! So much better than iPhones, no stupid touch screen!!

BookMac said...

The 4G because then when the new one comes out next year you'll only be 1 phone behind where as with the 3GS you'll be two years behind. Plus the 4G is slimmer, it also has flash and front facing camera. It is also faster. There is a reception problem but rumor has it that the new ones coming out (the white ones) have fixed that problem - plus if you use any case the problem will be fixed, they also give you a free case with purchase.

ATeenAtHeart said...

Go big or go home. Get the 4G!! The phone is simply epic.

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