Saturday, June 20, 2009

Human Hymen Rights

Via I Heart Daily: A new incentive to put a cap on the elevated teen pregnancy rates in Sierra Leone dictates that a girl who can prove she's a virgin can be offered a chance to gain a university scholarship.

I had a whole post planned out for this but I think it can best be summarized by: *shudder*



Mariah said...

I know when I got that I was appalled that they would even think that that was a good idea. The sad thing is many girls are going to do it because they need an education!

Anonymous said...

You're right - it's just too whatever for words!

Kate said...

Argh. Also shudders.

Donna (Bites) said...

O_o How do they do that? "Here, poke me with this?" I'll work for the college money. Thanks.

Rhiannon Hart said...

I'm sure whoever had that bright idea is patting himself on the back that there's no equivalent test for boys.

Rhiannon Hart said...

I just read the full article and am even more outraged. A boy being found guilty of impregnating a girl will be banned from all educational institutions. How is that helpful? Shouldn't these kid be receiving more education, particularly of the sexual kind? Like how to use a condom?

Anonymous said...

I just...I don't even know how to react. I'm GLAD the country realizes that underage pregnancy is a problem but...I mean...wouldn't sex education be more effective?

Andrea said...

Did you read The V Club by Kate Brian? This is just like that! "Prove" you're a virgin? Eww! Inappropriate on so many levels.

Stephanie said...

There are too many things in wrong in the world today. This is just one of them! I blogged today about book buring. Hello?? Really?? Man.

By the way, other Steph, glad you had a wonderful birthday!!

Unknown said...

As much as I want a scholarship, that is....creepy. And awkward. And very unreliable, I might also add. Many girls break thier hymens in other ways.
"follows the cue to shudder"

Anonymous said...

I can only answer back by "shudders" too.

Laina said...

Blegh. *yet another shudders*

margie said...

I think I'll hop on the *shudders* train with this one. yuck

Liviania said...

After my AIDS Bio class I can't entirely say I blame them. They're trying, and it's a better effort than abstinence education.

Color Online said...

Not that I particularly agree with this practice but I think this is far more importantly about the cycle of poverty and disease. Flawed as it may be,this is an effort to address a serious problem. And many of these girls do not have opportunities to attend university. Instead of a simple 'yuck' maybe we could gives serious thought and consider a different culture and its perspective. Our Western lens isn't the only lens.

Boys often have greater opportunities in these countries to begin with. And we all know there isn't a test. As appalling as this may be, if you were a girl in this country, would you snub the chance to an education?

suzie townsend said...

Wow! *shudder*

moonrat said...

wow. just... wow.

Genevieve said...

Wow. Well, I agree with Color Online because I can see why this would be a 'good' idea in theory... but over all it doesn't sound great.

What about the girls that were raped? Or if they were sexually abused as a child? It's not like they can say 'Oh hey, don't rape me... it'll ruin my chances of getting that scholarship'. What if they WANT to have a child at age 15? I was shocked when one of my friends had a kid at age 20 because it isn't something that I'd ever do but in her family it was totally fine. I think that it would be better for them to put in more money into sex education. Perhaps offer condoms, you can buy them for $.25 here so I'm sure that a government could get them discounted if they buy them in bulk. Or SOMETHING.

Anonymous said...

There's just so much wrong with that, I don't even know where to begin.

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Novi said...

E...actually in Indonesia there was a suggestion to write a legislation about it...
So every girl who wants to continue to secondary school have to pass a virginity test, otherwise they cannot go to school at all (i assume the public schools anyways)
Not surprisingly the law wasn't pass...but just to think that there is some pig head in the legislative who suggested it... *shudder*

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