Saturday, May 2, 2009

Why Georgia Nicolson Rocks

Contexually: When I was in the US two weeks ago, I ran into books 3-5 in the Georgia Nicolson series at Half Priced Books, so I decided to get them. I'd only read the first but had the second at home. I hadn't loved the first one, but I was willing to give more a chance since my bestie Amee said they ruled...and sure enough, I loved the second book and am now on the bandwagon.

Why Georgia Rocks
On the Bright Side, I’m Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God by Louise Rennison editon
1. She calls breasts “basoomas” and, less commonly, “nunga nungas”. (“‘Well, he says that if you get hold of a breast and pull it out and then let it go…it goes nunga nunga nunga!’”)

2. She seems obsessed with pants/shorts. Besides the obvious metaphorical “nuddy-pants” and “furry-shorts” (which we see in later titles), she’s always going on about how big someone’s shorts are and how frightening that is. More commonly her granddad’s.

3. She’s British, so she uses Britishisms, like tosser, bloke, marvy, fringe, loo, and knickers. And many more.

4. She becomes a “Buddhist” after God fails to give her the Sex God back.

5. It’s hard to tell which of Georgia’s friends are more self-obsessed reading these, but it’s fun to read anyhow because it’s not smutty self-obsession a la Gossip Girl, but rather a comical variety. (Jas: I’m dying. Georgia: Shut up, now, Jas. [minutes later] G: I wonder if the Sex God will call me. J: Tom called me last night.)

6, She does the pencil test. You know, putting it under your nunga nunga and if it stays there, you need to wear a bra? Ah, to be at that stage when wearing a bra seems like the worst thing in the world…

7. (And she’s 14! Ha! I and most of my friends went through that when we were 10/11!)

8. She’s got a cat the size-of-a-small-Labrador, the half-Scottish-wildcat Angus, who courts the Burmese pedigree “minx” across the street by strutting his stuff.

9. She never quite knows what she’s on about, and says so on multiple occasions.

10. And there’s nowhere else you can get a collection of quotes quite like these:

#1: Ellen told me that her brother and his friends go out on “cat patrol”.

I said, do they really like cats, then?”

She said, “No, him and his mates are the cat patrol and they go out looking for birds…you know, chicks…girls.”

Good Lord.

#2: “We’ve just rang to say we’ve made up this great new dance; it’s called ‘The phone box.’”

She played a radio down the phone and in the background I could hear a lot of grunting and shuffling and Sven going, “Oh jah oh jah, hit it, lads!” or something in Swedish or whatever it is he speaks. Gibberish,. Normally. Not English, anyway. Then there was a bit of what sounded like tap-dancing. Rosie came back on the phone all breathless. “Brilliant, eh? See you in the next world…don’t be late!!” And she slammed the phone down.

“Miss Simpson, it is a well-known fact that if friends sit together they are encouraged to do more work.” But she just shook in such a jelloid way I thought her chins would drop off.

She said, “The last time you two sat together, you set locusts free in the biology lab.”

Oh honestly; not only has she got legs like an elephant, she’s got a memory like one.


Cat said...

I love this series. Only I thought there were only 3 books so now I must go look for the rest!

prophecygirl said...

This is one of my favourite series of all time. I've been reading them for about 9 years, and I don't want them to end! Great post!

ReaderGirl said...

OHMAGOSH! *highfive* I love the series too! lol Georgia is way fab! ^^ hehe

Dave or Robbie?

Amee said...

I looove Georgia (obviously!). These are great books to reread when you're down and need a laugh. :)

Alea said...

Yay! I've been collecting them too!

Emily said...

I read only the first two - I enjoyed them, although I felt they were not the sort of series I wanted to read all in a row - more like a really good light read to sprinkle into the reading lineup now and then. (I don't mean light read in a bad way - a book that is really engaging and enjoyable and entertaining but not serious or requiring much emotional commitment is a great thing sometimes). Anyway, this reminds me I should put the next one on my library list.

Staci said...

I've enjoyed this series!!

RR said...

I love the Georgia books.

Oh goodness. I read the first one when I was 13 or so... and I thought it was the stupidest thing ever.

But it greeewww on me. :)

And Dave the Laugh FTW!

Laina said...

I love Angus. :) Yes, compared to a character nicknames the Sex God, I like the giant cat better. I need a life. :P

Anonymous said...

I luuve the Georgia Nicholson series. They are hilarious. Louise Rennison has the knack of making me LOL - literally doubled over, giggling like a fool.

I have a crush on Dave the Laugh

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I love Georgia-she cracks me up. I've listened to several of the books on CD which is tons of fun because then you get the accent to go along with all the slang.

Erica said...

Those books are hilarious. The adventures of a stupid British girl :P
I want the movie to come to the US so I can see it!

Anonymous said...

These books are hilarious - more people should read them!

And Dave the Laugh is HEAVEN.

Tassie said...

OMG i love this series iv read all of them!! i really want them to make another movie the first one was so good but i prefer the books!! there soo funny! i was definatly LOL!! :) louise renningson rocks my socks

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