Friday, May 8, 2009

50 things about me

Aka, what one does on an uneventful Friday evening.

1. I may have a crush on Joe Jonas. I like his twirly (not girly, mind) dance moves.

2. I also like his stage presence.

3. But mostly I have a huge ol’ crush on Dr. Chase.

4. I have two feet of naturally brown hair.

5. You touch it, you die.

6. Speaking of “die”, I once had it highlighted (dye--get it? Get it?! :P).

7. I hated it, and it took three years to grow out. More or less.

8. I’m one of those perpetually unhappy people no matter what the situation: when I have options or when I don’t have.

9. Here’s how I see it: too many options = a lot I end up not picking because I can only choose one.

10. Not enough (good) options = I’m trapped.

10.5 But if I can take my pick, I’d rather have choices to pick from.

11. I have a friend who bites her toenails (yes).

12. I tried doing it once and it just utterly grossed me out in a way I cannot express with mere words.

13. But more than anything, I was grossed out when my cousin tried to show me the “Two Girls, One Cup” video. Forget the loss of a hymen as the loss of innocence--that was what robbed me of mine.

14. The above is as true as they come, which goes to show you how clearly unstable SOME PEOPLE are.

15. My biggest fear is that I’m stupid.

16. When I read The Man of My Dreams by Curtis Sittenfeld, the guys in my class wanted to know if they fit the bill.

17. This would actually be flattering if they meant it. They were being ironic.

18. This was in 2007, aka my Year To Forget. That means I was unhappy, reclusive, and clearly repulsive.

19. (English) words cannot express how much I hate Portuguese.

20. I don’t even know accurate enough words in Portuguese to explain my disdain of it.

21. Which may be part of the problem.

22. Despite what anyone says, I want to be an editor.

23. The reason being that even though they’re underpaid, overworked, and so stressed, there is absolutely nothing else that has called to me like that job has.

24. Although I wouldn’t mind being a prosecutor.

25. Which means I’ll be studying law, and that’ll be my fallback career in case the editor thing doesn’t fly.

26. (Please please please, Universe, make it fly.)

27. I am not traditional in the slightest except for the fact I really, really want a crazy Greek wedding.

28. But I don’t know if this means I want a marriage. Do I?

29. Oh who am I kidding: I am so traditional in some aspects. I want a marriage.

30. And many, many kids.

31. Except that if I live in NYC, will that even be possible? The many, many kids bit?

32. Fine, I’ll settle for three and--

33. Four.

34. Though I’m sure I’ll be over it after the first.

35. What does the fact I’m talking about kids and marriage at fifteen say about me?

36. I’m really, really hesitant about posting or saying anything that might offend anyone.

37. I’m also quite aware of how that sounds given our surroundings.

38. I’m allowed to curse in front of my parents.

39. And my teachers.

40. And so, by proxy, in front of everyone else.

41. Just not at them.

42. My parents also allow things most people’s parents wouldn’t, including my most liberal friends’ parents.

43. Ironically, they’re the strictest of all my friends when it comes to school attendance and other “old fashioned” manners.

44. These words will probably come back and bite me in the ass when my parents do something I don’t like, but anyhow, most of the time, I have the coolest parents in the world.

45. Also, the coolest brother.

46. And if Taren says one more sexual thing about him to me, I will flush her down a toilet.

47. “Hubby”, “pics”, “totes” and “vids”, are all abbreviations that annoy me.

48. Which, okay, only “pics” and “vids” give me hives. “Hubby” is all right sometimes.

49. On that same note: you don’t SURF the WEB.

50. You surf a wave. You browse the internet.

...and you should probably expect more of these at random. I had fun. Hope you did too!


Alea said...

I definitely had fun! :)

sweetmelissa818 said...

I absolutely hate the word "Hubby". And "Preggers".

Iryna said...

Random! I love randomness!

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

Haha! I love the randomness of this post

Amee said...

I thought I wanted kids at 15 too. Then I was introduced to children and caring for them and quickly changed my mind. I think children are for people who have never had to care for them without pay.

Bookworm said...

The abbreviation "hubby" really bugs me. Not like the Chubby Hubby ice cream, just when like US weekly uses it. It's just annoying, you know!

Fun list, Steph! Except for the toenail-biting thing, that's just a wee bit nasty.

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

Very cute post! Very thought out even if it was just a random post. I wish I could think of something fun like this myself.

Thao said...

Love it. You're so funny Steph.

Reader Rabbit said...

You're crazy and random. <3 But we still love you. ;)

Unknown said...

I appreciated this post more than you (may or may not) know. And at risk of sounding Narcissistic...oh, never mind. I just liked it. A lot. ;-)

Steph Su said...

This sounds a lot like something Megan McCafferty once did, if my currently tired mind remembers correctly. Which means that yes, it was a lot of fun! Oh, and what the hell is "hubby" short for? Husband? That doesn't make sense. But this is going to bother me now.

Unknown said...

Okay, I'm just reading along, enjoying all the facts, and suddenly you threaten me! What's this about? Okay, I'll stop if you stop talking about De-no worries, I won't say the whole name ;)

Yeah, you totally got your hatred of 'totes' from me.

Also, even though it wouldn't be the most lucrative career, I think you'd be a great medieval executioner. Whether by wielding an ax or sticking a hot poker up someone's hoo hah, I really think that's your true calling.

Unknown said...


And, for the record, I think you'd make a great editor. You've really got an eye for what works and what doesn't work in books.

Kimberly Derting said...

I love the 50 things, and some of them just plain ole cracked me up! And now I'm trying to remember how many times I've short-cutted by using "pics" in posts and wondering how many other people hate that. Thanks for giving me a new neurosis! HA!!

Beth F said...

Love it!! And as for this :

23. The reason being that even though they’re underpaid, overworked, and so stressed, there is absolutely nothing else that has called to me like that job has.

yes, yes, and yes, but I wouldn't stop being an editor for anything.

Alea said...

I knew Beth worked in the book world but now it is revealed that she is an editor! How fun!

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