Friday, April 17, 2009

Two Cute Kids' Graphic Novels

I just finished these two graphic novels for kids:

Claire and the Water Wish by Janice Poon Summer's over and Claire's a bit nervous about starting at a new school. She doesn't care about being popular -- she just wants to fit in. Claire is thankful to have her best friend, Jet. But the girls quickly grow apart when Jet wins a digital camera. Jet's bitten by the shutterbug and seems only interested in snapping photos with the cool kids. Tired of Jet's antics, Claire strikes up a friendship with Sky, a girl from the local Lovesick Lake community. She learns that the water in Sky's lake is undrinkable. The community suspects someone's been secretly dumping waste in it for years. But when the three friends stumble across the polluters' trail, will they be able to put their differences aside in time to save Lovesick Lake? The Claire graphic novels are built on stories of strong friendships and action-packed fun. Young girls will love to share the adventures of Claire and her friends -- and then try the activities at the end of each book!


A Sam & Friends Mystery: Dracula Madness written Mary Labatt and illustrated by Jo Rioux) In the first book in the Sam and Friends Mystery graphic novel series, Dracula Madness, Jennie meets Samantha, the sheepdog belonging to her new next-door neighbors. No ordinary dog, Sam is a detective with a nose for sniffing out a mystery even in a small town as uneventful as Woodford. No ordinary girl, Jennie has a special connection with this dog -- Jennie can read Sam's thoughts. After Jennie and her friend Beth show Sam the creepiest house in town, the dog detective is on the case. The weird owner of the house, McIver, must be ... Dracula. Who else would never go outside and never turn the lights on? Why else would bats be flying around his yard? This McIver definitely has something to hide. But is he really a vampire? Fueled by odd combinations of junk food, Sam's boundless energy and fertile imagination sometimes lead everyone a little astray. But even if the mystery turns out to be something less than mysterious, when Sam and friends are on the case, adventure is never far behind.

Okay, so I really shouldn't be reviewing graphic novels--especially not MG-seeming ones--because I've really never read one before, but so it goes. I thought both of these were really cute and both, especially Dracula Madness, would make good additions to a graphic novels fan's library. Dracula Madness especially resonated with me because it reminded me of the type of novels I used to read back when I was nine, when I was learning English.

As for the illustrations, I also liked Dracula Madness's better, but both were clear and fitting for their respective stories.

It makes me happy that there are books like this available for kids. I would have literally eaten it up when I was 9 through 11.


Unknown said...


Uh...I meant cute books! Great reviews! Keep 'em coming!

Yeah, I'm twelve today. Sorry.

Okie said...

Have you read Rapunzel's Revenge? I don't know much/anything about it, but a friend told me it was great fun.

Sadako said...

They both look adorable, esp. Claire and the Water Wish. Aww.

Bookworm said...

Ha ha! Claire and the Water Wish, named after me! LOL! That's funny because when I was little I used to have purple glasses too!

Shelly B said...

I haven't been able to get into graphic novels/books, but my kids at school like them. These would be great for them! Thanks for the reviews.

Amee said...

Great review(s)! This is a nice change with you reviewing something slightly unusual for you. I like it. :)

Kimberly Derting said...

Haha, Taren, that's what I noticed too! What's wrong with us??

I think my daughter would love the dracula one, I'll have pick it up! Thanks, Steph, I like the different spin!

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