Sunday, April 26, 2009

Makeupless (B)Elles

I just saw Melissa Walker's (Violet series and Lovestruck Summer) new post via my feed reader: French Elle is featuring eight European celebrities without makeup or photo retouching in their issue this month.

From the article: "What might be most striking about French Elle's pictorial is how it actually appears to embrace and celebrate the organic beauty of these famous faces. ... In the U.S., when you come across a "stars without makeup" story, there's always a GOTCHA! element, a message that says 'Our gift to you: Derive pleasure from how ugly this person looks without cover-up for her zits!'"

This makes me extremely happy. Thanks Melissa for the heads up.


Reader Rabbit said...

Thanks for sharing the link :)

And it's so true...
This magazine is def. a step in the right direction but I think we need it more than just once a year. More issues should be like that.

Michelle Zink said...

I read something about this and agree that it's awesome.

How nice would it be if we could celebrate ourselves and each other exactly as we are, sans all ornament?

Plus, think of all the time we'd save in the morning!

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