Sunday, April 26, 2009

In Hindsight This Week

Some of this week's highlights:

Monday, April 20th:
reviewed The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne: And I acknowledge that my knowledge on the Holocaust is pretty limited. I acknowledge this book has its flaws. But it was an interesting story that started out innocent and ordinary enough and ended with a shocker that didn't leave off a cliffhanger but rather made the book worth it.

Tuesday, April 21st: Diana Peterfreund's pub story. In it you find the roots of the epic Zombie vs Unicorn battle.

Wednesday, April 22nd: Giveaway of Diana's Secret Society Girl series (four books total, signed). Still three days for you to enter - just leave a comment.

Thursday, April 23rd: Where Are We With Blogging? discussion, which led to several thoughtful comments.

Other places where I saw this discussion linked to, and among them are Tea Cozy and Read Roger (Horn Book blog--made my day, truly).

Saturday, April 25th: Literary Seniority: a discussion on which books are worth more than others.

Sunday, April 26th: My list of reading quirks ('Steph doing the Trisha') and French Elle goes au natural.


Lisa Schensted said...

oooh - i like this "in hindsight" business. nice recap/reminder for your posts this week. much appreciated.

your fan,

Michelle Zink said...

You are the rockstar of the blogosphere.

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