Sunday, February 1, 2009

You Get To Learn More About Me

I'm bored and school starts tomorrow so I'm not at my best right now (except really, really excited because my school is that liberal, independent studying minded sort of place which is a perfect fit for me even though I rarely study, though I do need to change it). So. I'll go back a couple of months to all those posts about me (bio - questions answered) and answer more stuff:

Favorite bands?
Your average taste: Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Prodigy, Evanescence, Lasgo, The Veronicas, JASON MRAZ, Tiƫsto, etc. I like everything from alternative to rock to contemporary to electronica (I *LOVE* trance), to pop to ... you get the picture.

Favorite colors?
Black, even though that's the absence of color. I'm not just saying this because I like to express how much my life sucks or whatever - I like black because it's the color that most consistently looks good on me. Also, I love purple. And the background color of my blog. Love love love!

Favorite animals?
Flamingo because they rhyme with 'lingo' and because I like their bold color and stance. Dolphins because they're intelligent.

Favorite names?
Eli, Sam (boy), Luke, Andy (boy). ... hmm, what else? Savannah, Chloe, Emily, Skye, April, and I really love Aprilynne Pike's name. It's got a faerie ring to it, I think, or something.

Hmmm what is your favorite movie?
My taste in movies sucks because I just don't watch that many. That in mind, from what I've watched, I've loved Million Dollar Baby, My Big Fat Greek Wedding (I'm half Greek and lemme tell you, our family is exactly like that, only worse), Perfume: The Story of A Murderer, and Star Wars the original trilogy.

Whatever happened to the doctor dreams of yours?
I'm often asked this when I say I would love to be an editor. Let me be the first to say I find medicine a beautiful career. But you need to have the vocation for it, and a whole lot of dedication. While I would most assuredly LOVE to work with children with cancer, I don't know if I have the drive to study and build up, etc., for ten years before I can set out to find a good job. I want to travel, I want to LIVE - so the sacrifice doctors have to make may not be something I'm able to give. But hey, I'm fifteen - a year and a half still to decide. We'll just wait and see :)

Do you hate it when you get sand stuck between your toes?
Nope - a good beach with warm, blue water and lotsa white sand is god's gift to his green earth, so how could I resent even a tiny portion of that image? :P

Do you like Hugh Jackman? Is the movie, Australia, coming out there soon (if it hasn't already)? Please realise that we all don't sound like that ... much.
No, I think the guy is - as you Aussies put it - an arsehole.

When you're on an international flight, are you a person who prefers to snooze the entire time, or will you be alive and awake watching the movies on the big screen (or reading away)?
Read. I absolutely, positively cannot sleep in an upright position. It's against my very moral foundation.

Some extra facts:

- Tomorrow I'm taking an oversized purse (you will get a picture!) when last year I didn't use purses at all. It's got musical line thingies all over it, which should be fun to get a reaction out of everybody.

- I've gone on a health thing this summer, so I'll be going back all healthed out. Green tea carrying, apple bitin', and all.

- I am invariably late or delayed or whatever for everything I set out to do. It's ridiculous.

- I am procrastinating organizing my oversized purse and getting everything ready (including the green tea, apple, yogurt, etc) by talking about myself on my blog which isn't even supposed to be about me but rather books, which just about makes me the most selfish procrastinator on the planet. So, hey, new to the blog? Let's have a ball ;)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! It'll give me something to do when I should be revising tomorrow's lessons in the afternoon. (Yup, none of that get-to-know-you bit at my school - straight into the wonderful world of knowledge we go!)


Alea said...

Hehe. This was fun! The first day of school was always exciting/stressful. Man I miss it, I loved school! Hope you have a nice day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Have fun at school! I'm sure this year won't be as evil as you think it will be!

Carolina said...

So how'd the partying and the illicit stuff doing go?

Enchiladas or burritos?

Never reading a book again or never listening to music?

Reviewer X Land or US?

never blogging again or never going to the beach?


Bookworm said...

My Big Fat Greek Wedding rocks...I think I've seen it about twelve hundred times. Gotta love Greek people, they're awesome!
My questions (don't answer if you think they're too personal):
What grade are you in?
Favorite book?
If you could go anywhere now, where would you travel?

Em said...

Have fun on the first day! Thanks for sharing with us. :)

Nancy said...

Hey!! Enjoy your first day back. Sorry, to say that I don't miss those days..maybe a little bit, but not much. I cannot wait to see a pic of your bag

Thao said...

Whatever happens, have fun at school. I love the names that you listed up there, btw : )

Just Listen said...

Hope that you have/had fun at school. Today was my first day back as well. It was actually pretty fun, I got to talk to some people I haven't spoken to in a while. I hate my health class though... :)

Booked Books said...

Hey there!

Long time no see! =D
I love your (new?) layout.

I love purple and dolphins too (everybody at my school knows this..haha).

Tiqa Khairi said...

Hey! Interesting post. First day of school is always a bummer, isnt it? Anyways, I'm wondering. Where did yu get your blog skin? It is wickedly awesome! I really love it.

-Tiqa Khairi

Unknown said...

All I need to know about you is that you're the Malcolm Gladwell of friends.

Anonymous said...

Oh, good taste in music! As for school, um, have fun!

Amee said...

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a favorite of mine too. I love when ABC Family shows it back to back so I can watch it twice!

I used to always be on time or even early but here in the last year or so, I'm always late! I don't get it! I'm beginning to be known for it now it's gotten so bad. Maybe it's just our procrastination manifesting itself into every facet of our lives! lol

Anonymous said...

This was fun! But you have to promise to check out Brand New - they're my very favorite band, a writer's band, really. Their lyrics are just incomparable.

And black's my favorite color, too. Some people call it boring, but I think it's very French, i.e. chic.

Aprilynne Pike said...

Ironically, I actually don't like the name April, and when I was eighteen I put my first and middle names together to make Aprilynne. Most people seem to like it . . . me included.:D

Anonymous said...

Ah ha ha ha! Why do you think Hugh Jackman is an arsehole? LOL! Funny, funny!

Hope you had a great day back, my dear Steph!

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