Thursday, February 5, 2009

Whoaaa, Big Reply

There seemed to be a great many people suggesting:

His Dark Materials
Maureen Johnson
North of Beautiful
Markus Zusak
Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature

and... others.

I went with The Goose Girl, recommended by Anilee and seconded by R.J. Anderson, because it called to me. Loving it so far, regardless of how many times I have to stop reading it :)

Thanks so much for all the lovely recommendations! This comment in particular almost had me buying the book (it's in stock here so it'd be dispatched within 24hrs!) but I didn't because I'm broke. Le sigh. It's up there, though!

And now, if you'll excuse me...


stargirlreads said...

haha glad you found a book

Amee said...

Let me know how The Goose Girl is. I've heard Shannon Hale is great!

anilee said...


Amee, you have to read something by Shannon. The Goose Girl, preferably (it's best to start with, I think). :-)

(Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature is another of my favorites.)

Unknown said...

aww you should really read battle royale it's really good!

Anonymous said...

You almost picked The Ruins? That was my pick! It's an adult title, and I realized afterwards that most everyone had made YA recommendations.

It is good though, and it is in mass market paperback and cheap. It's more literary writing, than chick-lit. Each of the characters POV are so distinct, I really, really loved it. I'd send you my copy but I don't know where you live! Hope you read it at some point.

I think I formed my own to-read list off everyone else's picks though, so that's good.

Beth F said...

Goose Girl is on my TBR. I'll be waiting for your review!

leonore said...

You should definitely read NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL soon too!

cindy said...

i really enjoyed goose girl. it read like a fairytale to me...

lkmadigan said...

I just wanted to add some book-love for TEN CENTS A DANCE, by Christine Fletcher.


deltay said...

I really enjoyed the His Dark Materials trilogy as well, in grade 6 I believe was when I first read them.

As for Lament and Willow, I'm really looking foward to reading those ;)

Maggie Stiefvater said...

Did I send you a copy of LAMENT? I think I did, but I'm senile.

It was really annoying! I wanted to recommend Melina Marchetta to you in your recommendation post and of course you've already read and loved them. I have her FINNIKIN now and I'm about to crack it open. I've been slightly terrified as it's high fantasy -- but after reading JELLICOE ROAD I'm pretty sure she can write anything and I'll be a happy fool reading it.

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