Sunday, February 15, 2009

Giftcard Winner

It's an anonymous comment for a Kory K.

'Thanks for entering, everyone!

The next contest is gonna be something like, "If someone can please take my optics (physics) exam for me this week, I'll give you 50 bucks." If you're interested, get your passport ready.


If you don't see me around this week, that's where I'll be.



Ann Diana Dinh, said...

Wait, I am confused, who is the winner?

Steph said...

Omg I forgot to add the name to the post! Sorry, sorry! It was Kory something. The comment in the link above.


sweetmelissa818 said...

If only we could find someone to take our physics exams! I would give way more than $50!

H said...

I hated physics so so much. Love the competition idea :)

Liviania said...

I used to be able to do physics. Posted tutorials on my blog and everything. Now I have to relearn it for upperdiv honors physics next year. Why did I pick the one lib arts degree that requires it?

deltay said...

Hahaha, I hated my Physics exam last June - don't really care to repeat the experience.

Wait... so if you got that bag in the States, what country is your prep school in?

Steph said...

Deltay - that would be a foreign land below the equator. I haven't 'come clean' about it yet here on the blog though I've had people guess and if you're right, I'll tell you so. So, if you care to guess (via email)...! ;)

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