Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blogger Follower Probs

From Eighty MPH Mom:

If you use Blogger as your platform, I'm sure you've noticed that your follower count is down. Apparently Blogger has changed everybody's followers to "anonymous" and anonymous followers don't show. If everyone can do these simple steps, we can all get our followers back:

Go to dashboard, you'll see "Blogs I'm Following"

Scroll down to the bottom of that list and click on manage.

Then you'll see that all the drop down menus have been changed to anonymous. You just need to change them back to public.

Hopefully we can get the word out, so everyone can take these steps. I hope this doesn't happen again!

Yeah, that happened to me. I checked my settings and they're all public, but yours might not be. If you wanna show the love for your favorite blogs, go ahead and check. :)



stargirlreads said...

Mine are still showing...

Sadako said...

Mine are still showing, too, and I didn't have to do anything...

Unknown said...

Mine are still okay though it's worth checking them out just to see thank you for sharing.
Storyheart (Barry Eva)

Don’t Forget…. Spread the word…. You can follow my tour on my blog at


Ms. Yingling said...

Have you read Cmith's Eternal? I thought the violence was too much, and it really upset my 15 year old daughter, who refused to keep reading it. Just wondering what another take on it was.

Jenny Saunders said...

My followings are just fine, nothing changed for me.

Lisa said...

Good to check, but mine are still all showing public. Thanks for the heads up.

Joseph Martel said...

Good for you people. Now, how about me? I don't want any followers. How do I get rid of the one I have got and get rid of the follower flag on my dashboard? Who asked them? Not me, and I want them out. Could be some kind of virus or malware. I just want them out of my blogs.
Last time I had to delete three of my blogs to get rid of the followers tag. I hate to have to get rid of my favorit blog of four years. Can I contact Blogger or Google direct?

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