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YA Connection, January 4th - 10th

We are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

YA Connection
(Week of January 4th - 10th)

YA Connection is a collaborative column compiled by Kristi (The Story Siren) and Steph (Reviewer X). In it are links from around the YA blogosphere, including, but not limited to, contests, author blogs, reviews, and miscellaneous news pertaining to the general awesome of YA. They also do weekly contests accompanying these thingies because that's always fun.

Both K and S are starving blogger types, so if you're a publicist or author, we KNOW you can relate: wanna donate a book? :) Nah, but really, anything regarding communicating something you'd like added (like a link of your own) or whatever should be emailed to BOTH of us: thestorysiren at and reviewerx at

** This week's giveaway post is located here **

(Compiled by Steph)
Good source for contest info: The Book Muncher's list

Tina Ferraro
and Kelly Parra of YA Fresh are giving away a copy of My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison.

Bookluver-Carol is hosting a contest for signed copies of The Elite and In Too Deep by Jennifer Banash.

Melissa Walker is giving away a copy of What I Saw and How I Lied by Judy Blundell.

The Story Siren (aka our own Kristi) is hosting a contest for The ABCs of Kissing Boys by Tina Ferraro.

Harmony Book Reviews is giving away a copy of Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies by Erin Dionne. (Which is March release if I'm not mistaken.)

Sonya Sones has a writing contest going on, and the grand prize is a six-week online writing course.

Author Musings
(Compiled by Steph)

Jennifer Hubbard (The Secret Year - btw, Jennifer, I really liked your old title :[) talks about the "something important" that happens in novels to make them worthwhile reads.

Mandy Hubbard (Prada and Prejudice) posted a cover mock-up (that is, her own version of the cover) for her tentative second novel A Ripple Upon the Water, which is about mermaids. It is GORGEOUS. (Designed by: Oh, and she also spotted her ARC for sale on eBay...

Sarah Dessen (Along for the Ride) posted her response policy, so to speak, for emails, messages, etc.

Melissa Walker (Lovestruck Summer) posted a cover story for her own LS, a May HarperTeen release. Very attractive cover!

Shannon Hale (Rapunzel's Revenge) is starting a new project...!

Megan McCafferty (Perfect Fifths): Hey, I think that's a central conflict on the Jessica Darling series!

The Debs are being creepy and it's not fun.

Justine Larbalestier (How To Ditch Your Fairy) is dedicating this entire month to posts about writing. Here's one of my favorites, where she talks about getting practice plotting. 50% (probably more) of current published novelists should check it out.

CK Kelly Martin (I Know It's Over) had an article published on SCBWI about defining the YA genre.

Alexa Young (Faketastic) is released!

Meg Cabot (Forever Princess) is getting some new covers for her BOY books! I love the design Harper uses on them. And the font. It's just all so pretty.

John Green (Paper Towns) took a survey, and it's entertaining because it's John Green.

Lisa McMann (Fade) has a FADE countdown clock widget thingies.

Aprilynne Pike (Wings) has a LOT of good news. I'm sensing a star in the making? Or a star on the verge of exposure? My question is, how excited are you about seeing your foreign covers?

Jan Blazanin (Fairest of Them All) published an excellent post on slang and its appearances in novels and how that can be bad if you're, like, running Find/Replace with an Urban Dictionary database.

Cyn Balog (formerly Fairy Lust) unveils her new title...

Author of the Week

Laurie Halse Anderson is an American children's and young adults author. She is best known for her young adult novel Speak which won a number of awards, including a National Book Award nomination and Printz Honor Book, and was adapted for the small screen. Her novel Prom was a New York Times bestseller. Twisted which stayed on the New York Times Best Seller List for five weeks. She is a graduate of Fayetteville-Manlius High School, Onondaga Community College, and Georgetown University. In high school, inspired by one of her favorite novels, Heidi, she lived as an American Field Service exchange student on a Danish pig farm.

Blogger Blurbs
(Compiled by Kristi)

Taren of The Chick Manifesto reviewed The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins: "So much is going through my mind with this book right now. Not only is the plot ingenious (though it definitely reminds me of other things, but more about that later**), but the actual reader experience is pretty amazing. [...] I seriously cannot stress how fantastic this book is."

Gabbi of All Five Stars reviewed The A-List: Hollywood Royalty by Zoey Dean. "Can I just say how much more I loved this than the original series? I usually have a problem, because spin-offs aren't often as good as the originals, but HR was leaps and bounds better than The A-List."

Tasha of And Another Book Read reviewed In Too Deep by Jennifer Banash. "The pages were definitely drama filled and I found it hard to tear myself away from the book, eagerly anticipating what would happen next."

Angie of Angieville reviewed The Luxe by Anna Godbersen and The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart.

The Bookworm of Au Courant reviewed Eighth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer and Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox by Eoin Colfer.

Maggie of Bean Bag Books reviewed Getting in Tune by Roger Trott and Shelter Me by Alex McAulay.

Em of Em's Bookshelf reviewed Eon: Dragoneye Reborn by Alison Goodman. "I'm not sure what I thought it was about...maybe dragons that could talk, or some sort of prehistoric tale, or strange one-eyed monsters. I definitely didn't think it was a teen-centered tale about a sword-wielding girl who could call dragons to her and who would save a kingdom."

Liviania of In Bed with Books reviewed Lord of Misrule by Rachel Caine. "Rachel Caine presents an interesting sociological problem in the series: just how would vampires live alongside humans? Now she adds in what would happen if the vampires were distracted and lost their control over the more rebellious elements."

Kelsey of Just Blinded Book Reviews reviewed Shelter Me By Alex McAulay. "I just want to say that Alex McAulay is a fucking genious. He knows how to write a book that can keep the reader interested from beginning to end, and like C.K. Kelly Martin he also knows how to write a book through the opposite sex's eye and do it well."

Lauren of Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf also reviewed Shelter Me by Alex McAulay. "I loved the mix of historical fiction, one crazy boarding school, and a scary and creepy journey to escape evil."

Alea of Pop Culture Junkie posted a Look-A-Like!

Kelsey of Reading Keeps You Sane reviewed How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalestier. "Larbalestier wrote an incredibly airy and light read that will keep a smile on one's face."

Sarah of Sarah's Random Musings reviewed The Explosionist by Jenny Davidson. "This book was amazingly well written and very interesting. The characters are amazingly real and loving."

Megan of Simply Books reviewed Breathe My Name by R.A. Nelson. "I heard a lot of good things about this book, and for the most part it lived up to my expectations."

Jocelyn of Teen Book Review reviewed Beautiful Americans by Lucy Silag, Because I Am Furniture by Thalia Chaltas, Forever Princess by Meg Cabot, Wings by Aprilynne Pike and Lament by Maggie Stiefvater.

Nicole of Word for Teens reviewed Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead. "Richelle Mead writes more interesting characters, more intriguing plotlines, and more vivid description than Stephenie Meyer or any other vampire novelist whose books I've read."

Holly at Writer's Block Reviews reviewed The Possibilities of Sainthood by Donna Freitas and Need by Carrie Jones.

Book of the Week
Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson
If an entire nation could seek its freedom, why not a girl?

As the Revolutionary War begins, thirteen-year-old Isabel wages her own fight...for freedom. Promised freedom upon the death of their owner, she and her sister, Ruth, in a cruel twist of fate become the property of a malicious New York City couple, the Locktons, who have no sympathy for the American Revolution and even less for Ruth and Isabel. When Isabel meets Curzon, a slave with ties to the Patriots, he encourages her to spy on her owners, who know details of British plans for invasion. She is reluctant at first, but when the unthinkable happens to Ruth, Isabel realizes her loyalty is available to the bidder who can provide her with freedom.

Steph's review here.

(Compiled by Kristi)

of Bookluver Carol's Reviews had a guest blog with Jennifer Banash, author of In Too Deep.

Speed Reader of My Favorite Author interviewed Scott Westerfeld, author of Uglies.

Lenore of Presenting Lenore interviewed Julie Kraut and Shallon Lester, authors of Hot Mess.

Our Reviews
Kristi: Persistence of Memory by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and The ABC’s of Kissing Boys by Tina Ferraro.

Steph: surprisingly a lot! I think it's a first since, well, ever. In Too Deep by Jennifer Banash, Lord of Misrule by Rachel Caine, The Center of the Universe (Yep, That Would Be Me) by Anita Liberty, and Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson.

In Other News...

The V.C. Andrews Movement freaking got mentioned in USA Today (!!), which was beyond awesome (Taren can testify to that), and on My Northwest, which, too, was awesome. If you haven't joined, consider doing that cos this year is gonna be awesome. I mean, it's just 11 books.

Kristi has a challenge going on: the 09 Debut Authors Challenge. Check it out here.

She also launched a directory for YA Book Bloggers. If you want to be added, check it out for details.


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First off I want to say that Im really upset that this blog was posted on my birthday and I didnt get to see it on my birthday! :)
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