Wednesday, January 7, 2009

V.C. Andrews Role-Playing: It Makes Me Feel Dirty Inside



Unknown said...

How did this get even better in the twenty minutes since you emailed it? I'm dying here! I loooove how you didn't believe me at first when I told you about this concept. Never doubt, my friend. Never doubt.

Oh and um...insert comment about me, roleplaying, and your brother. ;)

Anonymous said...

AWARDED you with the Butterfly award. =)

Amee said...

That made no sense to me. Maybe I just need to have read one of the books to get all that. Anyway, are you trying to say people pretend they're siblings and play incest?

Unknown said...

No, it means they take the characters from the books and continue to write for them like the books are still going on. They also take characters from different series and have them interact with each other. It's like fan fiction....only with more people, more involved, and weirder since usually one person "plays the role" (hence the term "roleplaying") of one or a few characters.

Gabbi said...

Taren, you forgot, 'and sexier.' ;)

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