Thursday, January 15, 2009

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Penguin is doing that free-ebook thing they did for Savvy back in 2008, but this time for the first book in the Ranger's Apprentice series by John Flanagan. For a limited amount of time, you can read the entire first book, The Ruins of Gorlan, online.

They have always scared him in the past—the Rangers, with their dark cloaks and shadowy ways. The villagers believe the Rangers practice magic that makes them invisible to ordinary people. And now 15-year-old Will, always small for his age, has been chosen as a Ranger’s apprentice. What he doesn’t yet realize is that the Rangers are the protectors of the kingdom. Highly trained in the skills of battle and surveillance, they fight the battles before the battles reach the people. And as Will is about to learn, there is a large battle brewing. The exiled Morgarath, Lord of the Mountains of Rain and Night, is gathering his forces for an attack on the kingdom. This time, he will not be denied. . . .

Click here to read it!

I know people don't really come here for fantasy recommendations, so hey, if you're a fantasy book blogger, be sure to mention this on your own blog. You can even embed the book onto your own blog, like such...

Ranger's Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan

I'm weirdly excited by Penguin's efforts to make books available like this. It's a cool idea.


cat said...

It's cool and awesome, but I just can't get into a book on my computer. It hurts my eyes. I wish I could because this is a fantastic way to release books.

I'm just too old fashioned and like my books in paper with no back light. ;)

Steph said...

Oh I know what you mean. I doubt I could actually READ this entire thing like this, but there are many people who prefer, like or at least tolerate ebooks, and I assume that number is only gonna grow with time. So it's a fantastic effort from Penguin, especially for series. They can hook new readers and still get some $$$ for it, if the person decides to read the other books. :)


Alea said...

That's sweet how you can embed it! Right now you can download the first book in Night World 1 on Amazon!

Okie said...

Thanks for the heads up. I got this book recently for my son (and myself) to see if the series is any good.

I have sort of a love/hate relation with e-books. I don't have a "reader" so I can't really take them with me...and if I'm going to read a book, I'd rather sit somewhere other than in front of my computer...or worse still, spend more than the cost of the book to 'print' the ebook.

Still, it's fun to read through a few chapters while at work. ;)

Lenore Appelhans said...

I hope someone actually reads this on your site. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Steph!

Come by my blog, I have ab award for you!

Beth F said...

I have this on audio. Hope to get to it this year. YA fantasy is one of my favorite genres.

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