Friday, January 16, 2009

411 on Le Reviews

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Hiya :) Here’s what you may want to/definitely maybe need to know before sending me a book to review:

The world’s not getting any younger and le review pile is not getting any smaller. I swear I have cold sweats at night just thinking about its size sometimes. I’m about 5’4’’ and it’s nearly towering over me. HOWEVER, I’m too much of a cheap ass to pass up the chance to get free books. You find some of the best gems at random and I’m not above getting me some of those. So, I accept and welcome and love books for review, but know that I can’t guarantee a review. I try! I really do, for every single book that finds its way in my mailbox. In fact, I also welcome nudging if it’s been awhile—greater chance I’ll get on it like that.

But yeah—no guarantees. Sorry!

For my own "safety" as far as these things are concerned, I will stress this again: Unsolicited books are not guaranteed a review. I sometimes don't even get to those I did actively seek out. Just a word of warning.

While it’s true I do a lot of YA, I accept books of all kinds and all age groups. Just a thought, though: Religious fiction isn’t really up my alley. This is mainly because I’m just not very religious myself, so it’s not something I personally enjoy. I don’t mind morals and all but I’m not very big on…religious fiction. Though if you’ve written some great, engaging nonfiction book about any religion that’s factual and all, I find that stuff fascinating as I quite like studying different religions. So that’s…that.

Also: My reviews are sometimes way too honest for people’s tastes. If you’re not someone with thick skin, I’m probably not the best person to send your book to. And look, it’s no problem. I don’t think my opinion will change the world or anything but I still like to tell it like I see it. It’s a matter of principles, I suppose: I’ve bought countless books based on reviews that were faked because the person was too afraid to hurt the author’s feelings and all. Now I’m not saying all positives are lies—I’m just saying I’m giving it straight, either positively or negatively. And keep in mind I’m nitpicky as hell. Sometimes downright bitchy.


As for stats, this changes a lot but as of today, January 16, 2009, I get 400-500 visitors a day (depends who you're asking - my number on Statcounter is 500-600, on Sitemeter it's 400-500... I dunno which to trust) and have about 400+ subscribers on various feed readers. If you want an up-to-date number, just ask me.

Okay! And that’s it!

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Alea said...

Heck to the yes Steph! Some days I get like -24 visitors, oh wait, that's the temperature here nevermind... :P

Diana Dang said...

I have to agree with you with the religious moral stories there. I prefer to stay from those type of books.

I'm honest with my reviews too. Then again, it depends if I have contact the author personally so it may sway me while I write my review. If I hate it, I will say it.

Unknown said...

Aww I didn't realize you were so tiny!

Nurin said...

If I hate a book, I'll say it.
Luckily, there hasn't been anything I've hated THAT much yet.
If I do hate it THAT much...I usually don't review it

cindy said...

good luck with that pile!

the story siren said...

holy b-jesus... you totally are kickin my arse. glad to see it though!

Amy said...

You always make me laugh. Good policy. ;) They can send the religious fiction my way if they like...I read everything.

Anonymous said...

And you forgot to add "and we love the snark". Because we do.

Plus, nudge. Is that how it's done?

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