Monday, December 22, 2008

What's Your Naughty Number?

Not even close to being caught up on email. Just to update anyone expecting a response.

I'm all about the naughty today. Sigh. If only that naught could be turned into "not," just for once.


How many books are you guys buying for your friends/family members/stalkers this year?

How many books do you think you'll receive? (If you receive a giftcard, how many do you think you can buy?)

How many books are you buying for yourself?

Oh and as a random note, I bought 4 totally new books for $26 today. I love being in the US where you actually find bargains (a hardcover for $6!). Tomorrow I'm hitting more stores. Maybe a Borders, though I hate Borders. B&N ftw.


Liv said...

hooray for barnes and noble.
I already have a border's giftcard-2 books with that.
i've bought 3 books for myself already; octavian nothing, chains, and the book thief. probably get another b&n giftcard or 2.
i don't think anyone will actually give me any books as i'm notoriously picky. :P
how's being back in the us treating you?

Khy said...

YES B&N. Borders = too full of vampires, if you know what I mean.

Hmm. I bought...5 books for people this year, and one B&N gift card. Not that much.

And I'm expecting enough under the tree Christmas morning to make my TBR mound into a TBR mountain.

Just Listen said...

I haven't chosen any books for myself. I know that Mum's brought me one book (I have no idea what) and is probably getting me a voucher. One friend is getting me An Abundance of Katherines (and I'm getting the same for her) and another is getting me Revelations. I'm not sure about everyone else though.

I've got...for one friend Friday Night Lights and another The Colour of Water. I really hope they like them. I haven't read them so I don't know if they're any good.

Ah, Christmas is so close. I can't believe it.

Anonymous said...

B&N?!? Your Local Independent (And Probably Struggling) Bookstore ftw, I say.

I'm buying a few books... for myself...
And two for my stalker, of course. Maybe three, but I'd probably use the extra one to hit him over the head. On account of the stalking and all. You know.

Anonymous said...

oh, I didn't get any nor am i going to give any. No body i know reads :(
But I do buy books for myself, at least 4-5 a month.

Anonymous said...

This year is not as fantastico a book year as last was when I filled a massive box with about 11 chick-lit books for my friend (the box also included a big bottle of Bombay gin and alcholic chocolates). Oh and gave away a really awesome pirate book ('Pirates! In Adventures with Scientists') in an attempt to get some Christmas kissing (denied).

This year I bought maybe 3-5 books for everyone else and indulged myself in a massive pre-holiday YA book splurge (which has mostly arrived now). I might get 4ish books from family.

Lenore Appelhans said...

I'm resisting the temptation to buy books until after christmas. But it's hard!

Alea said...

B&N sucks compared to Borders! I mean who wants to pay for a discount and then get nothing in return besides the stupid discount, not me!!! I rather get it for free and then get even more money back later on. Go Borders! And there was an Indie store in my town (keep in mind I can walk to Borders if I choose!) I'd shop there sometimes but there aren't any!

I can count 11 books I've bought for Christmas gifts (there may be more who knows!) and one Borders gift card. I actually still have a B&N gift card from my birthday but that's supposed to be for breakfast treats (totally going to use it for books though haha!)

I'm definitely going to do some Amazon shopping for myself after the holidays! Love doing that!

Amee said...

I bought a few books for my niece (Elmo books) and a desk calander for my dad (does that count? I got it at B&N! haha). I've gotten two giftcards to B&N. I'm assuming I can get 2 new books with one (pre-ordering PD10 and Ransom My Heart sometime soon) and then hopefully I can stretch the second one! I would have bought more books this year but this year no one asked for any! Usually at least one person does. I've made up for it though by buying books for myself. :P

Liviania said...

Borders has a worse selection, but if you get their member card (free) you'll start to love it. I have a 40% off coupon that was good last Friday through today, then I have a $5 off any purchase over $5 coupon good Friday through Sunday.

Haven't finished Christmas shopping yet, so don't know how many books I'll buy. I usually get somewhere around $100 worth of giftcards to various bookstores. I can buy quite a bit with that.

Alea said...

High five Liviania! And actually in my town, Borders is larger with a better selection, our Barnes and Noble is a hole in the wall!

Abby said...

Whenever I can get to my local independent (Anderson's Bookshop ftw!), I do... but if I can't, I'm totally a BN girl. I really have quite a strong dislike for Borders...

ANYhoo. I'm trying to tally it up and I think I've bought 6 books as gifts for various friends and family members. I'm not expecting any books as gifts this year, but I'm hoping that there will be a sizeable Anderson's gift card under the tree... :)

donnas said...

I bought one book for my mom. And I just got a Borders gift card so my TBR stack is about to grow.

sweetmelissa818 said...

First off, you're not supposed to be naughty this close to Christmas! Actually, books are almost the only thing I've bought. I've listed them on where they're trying to get a million books listed! It's a better gift than most of the junk I get (I love my mom, but she's a crazy junk giver)!

Michele said...

I'm sticking to my holiday book buying scheme:

1. Buy book for whoever is next on shopping list.
2. Reward myself for buying said book by buying myself a book.
3. Repeat.

Seems to work well.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the US.

My book buying was rather naughty this year. I bought 1 book for someone else and 5 for myself. :D

But, a lot of the people I know aren't huge readers and even the one person I bought the book for probably won't have time to sit and read it until about a month after Christmas.

But, I'm not done yet. Still do have a couple more book-lovers to shop for though. *sigh*

I want to head out to our local Books-A-Million outlet and see what awesome deals I can find. I once found a boxed CD set for one of my fave books for only $10. How sweet is that? Maybe I'll get lucky again.

So many books to shop for, so little time.

Shalonda said...

I'm with Alea and Liviania! I love Borders for their reward program. Why would anyone want to pay to receive a discount. With Borders I had a 40% off coupon on any book last week and this week another 40% any item!

So far, I've only bought 1 book as a gift. I went today, but they hadn't put out the new YA releases (that's what I get for going so early), and before you blame it on Borders, Barnes & Noble hadn't put their new YA releases out either. Guess I'll try to fight the crowds tomorrow or wait until Friday.

I am definitely buying some books for myself while I'm there. Plus my mom is coming into town and she always treats me to some new books, so I'm guessing 5-6 for me and maybe 2 more as gifts.

Anonymous said...

Didn't get anyone books :(.

I'll be buying a few after Christmas. According to Chapters, Forever Princess will be out on Boxing Day so...muahaha. It shall be mine :) And luckily, they have a 14 day return , just in case I get an extra copy.

Too bad Ransom my Heart comes out on January 9th according to Chapters.

I would have got them in one go >_<

Liviania said...

In addition to rewards, Borders is less than five minutes from my house and I'm friends with several of the workers. They make sure I always get my coffee and cookie sample.

There are no independents close to my perm address, but there are tons by my campus addy.

My after-christmas buying location is always determined by where the cards friends and family give me go to.

But . . . Borders forever!

Diana Dang said...

Within this month, I got about 20 books! o-o It was quite a surprise. I only bought one book and it's a drawing book for my sister. Others are either books for review or gifts. I bought a few for myself also but that is with a giftcard so I don't think that counts. Lol!

Gabbi said...

I bought three last week for myself and two for my mom as a gift. I expect I'll get loads of giftcards from my more distant relatives who don't know I thing about me besides my name and that I love reading.

Megan said...

I'm giving three different books for three different people. Well, technically, I'm giving two and a half, since my brother and I both bought the present together.

As for my own book buying, I think I may be able to get about 5 or so books with gift cards. I guess I'll see soon!

Anonymous said...

I love B&N- but I currently live in the boonies and the closest to a bookstore is Waldens or Schwartz's.

I bought 4 books this christmas.
I was supposed to be receiving a 7 volume graphic novel series, but thanks to Wisconsin's lovely winter weather, I will be getting 0. So, here's hoping I get some gift cards.

Ruth King said...

I am so curious as to how many books you'll be taking home with you. (If it were me, I'd need to buy new luggage to take them home in, too.)

We have a Borders, Borders Express and local independent store nearby. The full-size Borders is great, Borders Express is lame, and the independent rocks my little socks right off. (Seriously, it's dangerous to let me near their YA section.)

I think I bought 10-12 books as gifts this year. The most fun was buying books for my baby cousin. I'm turning her into a bookworm before she can even read.

So far I know I have at least $85 in gift cards coming to me. (I love people who give me gift cards!) I'm trying to be very strategic about my spending, though. Do I go for a few expensive books that I wouldn't normally buy for myself but really want (Like the $60 Annotated Sherlock Holmes) or LOTS of regularly priced books? Do I finish off some of my series that are incomplete? Do I buy new authors? Old favorites? A mix?

As you can see, I HAVE NO FLIPPIN' CLUE what I'm going to do. But, $85 worth of book money makes me very, very happy.

Em said...

I bought about 10 books this year. Kind of a low number for me. And hopefully, I'll get at least that many as presents. :)

Happy Holidays! And if you're near Austin, check out Book People.

Anonymous said...

I think I bought five books this year -- two for my sister, one for Mom, one for Dad, one for boyfriend. I'm doing the math, but it's not adding up exactly... I thought I had more than that! I'm expecting to get at least three books, considering I asked for them specifically. We'll see tomorrow!

And I love Borders... B&N is not my cup of tea! I don't like the dark wood interiors. Seriously! :)

Happy holidays!

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