Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Waiting on Wednesday (8)

** 1:30AM scheduled post (if it's still Tuesday for you, it's cos we're in different time zones) **

Waiting on Wednesday is a community book lusting effort started by Jill over at Breaking the Spine. You should participate! :)

This week's pick:

Love You Hate You Miss You by Elizabeth Scott
You know, I always thought I told you everything, but there are some things I should have said but never did. I should have told you about the time I lost your new sunglasses. I know you really liked them. I should have apologized the time I ruined your brand-new skirt, the one with the beading. I should have apologized for a lot of stuff.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything.

[More info.]

Steph: Well, you SHOULD be sorry. Sorry for the fact there's no further info about this title. Sorry for the fact it's a June '09 release (but hey, birthday month!) (I'll fight for an ARC, yeah, but it's the principle). Sorry that your cover isn't really helping my case in terms of reducing le obsession. Although in my opinion the model could've looked a little more evocative of something and not so much expressionless of everything. Maybe that was intended? Hmm...

In other Elizabethean thoughts, I'm disappointed the title of Live! Nude! Mom changed to Something, Maybe. The former was perfect. I'd buy it just like that, on first name basis, with no further info. Shakespeare once asked what was in a name and something about roses, though, so I guess it's all a matter of not caring and realizing life is a bed of roses.

...I think handing the mic over to you guys in the audience would be best at this point. Let's hear it!


Alea said...

Yes- I mean really. What is this book about, I really have no idea! I want to know though!

Cannot wait to read Something, Maybe! I think if the title wasn't changed the cover would have to be something different, it's so sweet and I love it. It wouldn't have worked with that crazy title! :P

Anonymous said...

Love You Hate You Miss You by Elizabeth Scott
sounds terrific. Love the cover but the model could have a bit more expression.

Live! Nude! Mom was an awesome title. I'd pick it up for sure, randomly.
Something, maybe.
Reminds me of You, Maybe. By Rachel Vail? was it?

BookChic said...

RR- Yeah, that's the right title and author. It's also reminiscent of the movie Definitely Maybe and Lisa Yee's debut YA Absolutely Maybe, lol.

There's a lot of Maybe's out there in the world.

And now maybe looks like it's not a word anymore.

Anyway, I totally want this book too. No ARCs yet though, lol- yes, I did already ask.

RR2 said...

Live! Nude! Mom was a very attention-grabbing title. If, say, I had seen a book at the library with that title, I would definitely have picked it up. Just to see what it was about.

Call me strange but I actually like the model's expression. It strikes me as *searches for word* despondent? But, kind of bitter at the same time.

And, yes, sister dear, it is Rachel Vail. :)

Anonymous said...

I recommend Elizabeth's books every chance I get. I can't wait to read this!

Amee said...

I love that Elizabeth is churning these out faster than we can read them. Do I sense the next Meg Cabot?

WannabeWriter said...

-wants- MORE ELIZABETH SCOTT. Yeah, I would probably buy this based on the cover alone because I'm kind of shallow like that. :] But I do want to know more. I'm begging it to be a romance, but I have a feeling it's more about "relationships" not necessarily romantic ones. :] ( And I also like the title Something, Maybe a little better than Live! Nude! Mom. Though if Live! Nude! Mom was a chapter title, that'd work. ) :]

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the cover and absolutely cannot wait for the book. I'll be fighting for it too ;)

The Book Girl said...

You have been nominated! Check out my blog for details :-)

Saundra Mitchell said...

That cover and title just knocks my socks off. I can't wait for this book and I still don't know what it's about, exactly. All I know is that I waaaaaaaantssssssss it!

Melissa Walker said...

I love the cover. I might have to ask Elizabeth for another cover story (one about LIVING DEAD GIRL coming soon!).

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