Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So, Let's Talk

First, I got the loveliest responses ever to my post yesterday. You already-awesome reader types just reached uncharted levels of wow with those comments. I'm humbled by your words. It's only for lack of time, really - CRAMACHINE! - that I don't do something more spectacular. All in due time, my loves. For now - thank you :)

Now, to answer some of these questions! (Only have 15 minutes 'til my next textbook case of bookwormitisis.)

Do you see yourself coming back to the US for college and then working in New York when you are older, or staying abroad?
Both! I have an ongoing list of life goals, one of them being get one diploma - bachelor's, master's or a PhD, whatever - in the US. My dream uni? NYU. Yes, that one with the $50,000-dollar estimated undergraduate program. Money I don't - nor shall in the foreseeable future - have. If anyone's looking to sponsor a foreigner in the US, call me. I make amazing scrambled eggs.

I also would love to attend uni at Cambridge or Oxford, but not for any specific geographic or acadmic reason - I'm obscenely infatuated with British accents.

Raises hand- If you move to New York can I visit?
Sure, but I get top bunk at the miniscule studio apartment in the outskirts of whatever's the cheapest borough (New Yorkers, help?) to live in. Also, you get to do my taxes. :)

where can i find that delectable aounding drink you told me about?
Honey, milk comes from a cow. All you gotta do is squeeze. =)

But, no, really, I'll email you about this one. Be all secretive and stuff.

Do you consider yourself "American" from spending years of your life in TX or did you/have you always identified yourself as part of the country where you live presently?
I consider myself a mix of things. I definitely have traces of both country's values in my system, which simultaneously contributes to my overall alienation of either nation and adds to my individuality, which is what I ultimately strive for. It's a win/lose situation. Then again, as a special someone put it, "Therein lies the paradox."

Also, concerning your ideal job being a book editor... editors can be sort of mean and stressed, and flee the industry before age thirty to keep their sanity. I picture you much more as a book reviewer for Booklist, or Voya, or creating your own book review system and company which will forever obliterate other, less competent book review services.
I'm not sane now, so it wouldn't be a change in the program. However, in all seriousness, I see what you're saying. Still, I can't shake this dream of mine - I wanna be one of those formidable, dude-she'll-rip-your-MS-to-shreds-if-she's-your-editor editors. Which might not be feasible, but a girl can dream.

HOWEVER, I like the idea of a book review system. I'll call it I Hate Your Books and have all my staff be named my "minions".

Ooh, I like the idea of you starting your own review system. You could hire me then! Haha, reading books and getting paid? Now that's a review job I could keep up with.
Aside from that, we would implement a "we don't guarantee reviews" policy, so theoretically we could only read some books and not be stuck with an obligation and added stress to our lives as currently is the case. (But I will be changing my own policy soon, anyway.) :P

Welcome aboard, VP!

Pepsi or Coke? Comedy movies or Horror movies? Beach or country? Candy or granola bar? Mexican food or chinese food? Being a doctor or editor?
Coke (duh) - Comedy (life's tragic and scary enough as it is) - beach (I live in a tropical country) - candy (junk food is my poison of choice) - Mexican (ARIBA! Uh..yeah.) - being a BOOK DOCTOR.

Do you love me?
No. Yes. I don't know. Bribe me.

Now For The Questions Regarding My Brother

Hm, what's up with Steph's brother?

According to the number of friends and teachers and generally female-types in my life, his hotness factor. This worries me.

May I ask about your brother?
He's 27; single; lives in Houston. He's like my male model - we look extremely alike except I'm less hairier. *He's my best friend.

*less hairier is a new trademark of mine. It is my new form of protesting Taren's love for my brother - I shall butcher syntax and grammar.

And also going along with some others, can I ask about your brother? Is he cute?
Taren calls him "Adonis". I contain myself from passing judgment because he is my brother, after all, and that would register as 7 types of incestuous.

Does your brother know that all this talk about him occurs?
I should hope not. He'd put the fear of God in me if he did.

What part of Houston were you from? I was raised in Katy, used to live part-time in Sugar Land, now live part-time in the Galleria area.
Here's where Taren gets jealous - my brother lives in the Galleria area.

To answer your question, I was in Clear Lake. But no kidding about Katy and SL - been there!

More questions? Other comments? The field below is yours.


Amee said...

Ooh, I'm VP? Awesome. Even better than I expected. I would be willing to be a lowly minion though. Anything to work for/with you. ;)

WannabeWriter said...

This brother talk reminds me of Suite Scarlett. xD Um. Did anyone ask the generic questions I always want to know: Favorite bands? Favorite colors? Favorite animals? Favorite names? :]

nadine said...

I too am a sucker for the British accent. I'm soo going to visit England one of these days.


Alea said...

It seems I can't subscribe to the comments unless i leave a comment... i felt like being stalkerish but I guess I'll leave a comment. Hmmm what is your favorite movie?

Khy said...

Yay British accents! I sometimes can't understand the people who talk with British accents, but man I love their accents anyway.

Anonymous said...

I am not feeling the love, Tephy!

Whatever happened to the doctor dreams of yours?

Alea said...

Yeah, I totally thought I remember reading you wanted to be a doctor.

BookChic said...

OoOo, sounds hot. :) Can I see a picture sometime? lol. I have such a one-track mind. :P

What position would I hold in your book review company if Amee is VP?

Unknown said...

I want a position, too -and for once this isn't going to be followed by a remark about your *sigh* brother. I'd be a great minion -promise- and there's no way you could be as bad as my last boss. And the whole living in New York thing has certain advantages in the Malcolm department.

Anonymous said...

OMFG! That was hilarious ... "... less hairier". Eeee he he! I'm trying to think of some tres deep and meaningful questions for you to answer, but I've got squat. Hmm ... The following is the extent of my deep and meaningful-ness at this moment in time:

- Do you hate it when you get sand stuck between your toes?

- Do you like Hugh Jackman? Is the movie, Australia, coming out there soon (if it hasn't already)? Please realise that we all don't sound like that ... much.

- When you're on an international flight, are you a person who prefers to snooze the entire time, or will you be alive and awake watching the movies on the big screen (or reading away)?

- What's your favourite boys' names?

Good luck with all the exams and icky stuff! GOOD LUCK, GOOD LUCK, GOOD LUCK!

Amee said...

Ooh, I know what Stephie is going to be. I won't say though in case it's a secret. :P

Bookworm said...

You'd be a great, kick-ass editor (:

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