Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm *Hijacking* Steph's Blog


Interrupting your scheduled program to bring to you the message from the gods: Steph's brother is like the Malcolm Gladwell of graphic designers. And here's a poem:

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Kurt Vonnegut, V.C. Andrews,
Classics and chick-lit, Jane Austen, have you heard the news?

Our own Reviewer X has no libraries in her vicinity.
For Steph to have so few books, it’s such an obscenity!

Books are so scarce because she doesn’t live in the states,
But she’ll be in Texas from December 19th onward, so you must save the date.

For I’m sending her books and so should you,
As everyone loves Steph because she’s just that cool!

Let’s make sure she returns home with suitcases full of books to read.
That’s reviewerx@gmail.com, all the contact information you need.

To have no library or bookstore in her town there’s no good reason,

So think of dear Steph in this holiday season.

The books don’t have to be new, used ones will work.
It’s not like she’ll think you’re some kind of jerk.

If you send her some books, that would be more than fine,
But you can’t have her brother, cause baby, he’s all mine.

Remember, Steph's brother is sexy and that your contribution can make her a well-read individual.


ETA: Steph here. Thank you, Taren. So, this was supposed to be a joke and never get posted? :P I'll explain the story in detail later - gotta run right now.


WannabeWriter said...

LOLLLLL. xD Great advertising.

Valeria said...

LOL, well done!

Amee said...

Haha, I love it. I still think my idea about suitcases and shoelaces should have made it into the final draft!

Unknown said...

Amee, I worked a suitcase into it! If you want to somehow incorporate shoelaces into this you're going to have to write your own poem of epic awesomeness.

Khy said...


Glorious poem. xD

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