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Girl Week History, Acknowledgements, and Terms and Conditions

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Girl Week History
Girl Week didn’t start as Girl Week—it was Fashion Week, and Melissa Walker and Debbie Reed Fischer were going to be part of it. The idea sparked when I read Debbie's book, and then requested Melissa's books. I emailed a third author about it, and she turned me down because she was in the middle of revisions and couldn’t write a guest blog. I didn’t want it to be only two authors, so I thought, What am I trying to do here?

I was wanting to show how the fashion industry wasn’t anti-feminist. Then it dawned to me—why not do a week on feminism in general? So, I read a couple more books that sounded like good feminist or strong-heroine books, in addition to books of such theme I had read before The Idea, and emailed the authors. When they said yes to the event, I delegated topics for the guest blogs (or we bounced ideas back and fourth) and sent out interview questions.

And here we have it. Girl Week.

First and foremost, thank you to all the authors who participated in this. I’m a bit erratic and scatterbrained at times, and some of you saw the ugliest possible end of this flaw. Thanks for putting up with it. Thanks for those who shared personal experience, worked hard on their guest appearance either in interview or guest blog format, and to those who spread the word on their blogs and websites.

Penguin Group, HarperCollins and Random House provided giveaway copies of a lot of books. Thanks to them, and also to the authors who provided copies of their own books.

(Thank you my huge load of friends and saviors, who will all receive emails this morning containing a great many expletives, and in Taren's case, maybe even a lap dance. Those people being: Amee, Taren, Reader Rabbit, Ali, Amy, Alea, WHERE WAS LENORE?, and Carol for anchoring me with Heroes synopses.)

And last - but inherently not least - thanks to the people who came out. This week would have been NOTHING without you guys. How will there EVER be a way I can show my gratitude? I mean, seriously: all the blog linkage pointing arrows here, all the commenting (especially in non-contest posts *grin*), and all the nice emails. You all rock. Hope you continue coming.

Terms and Conditions
Given the inordinate amount of attention my blog has received this past week, I will be safe and post this:

The guest blogs and interviews are all copyright to their respective authors. They may not be reproduced without express permissions from the appropriate parties, except for brief quotations. Out of common courtesy, if you want to reproduce one of the blogs or interviews, please email me too, since they (with the exception of CK Kelly Martin's guest blog, which was an updated version of a post on her blog's archives) were created specifically to be posted on my blog, for Girl Week.

Also: I’m so happy everyone had a great time this week and that it had the turnout it did. I wasn’t expecting it to be as big as it was! I would appreciate if the format and overall scheme of Girl Week remained unique to this blog, though. I’m no stranger to the trends that go around the blogosphere and given the immense effort and work it took to make this event happen, I would like not to see it (and it would hurt to see it) replicated on another blog a week, a month, six months, whenever from now. Please respect that.

Girl Week is a week-long event here on the blog celebrating strong YA heroines and feminism. Find out more about it here.

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Unknown said...

Steph, you handled yourself amazingly with this HUGE contest and I don't think anyone one else could've pulled off what you did. I don't think Girl Week would work with anyone else other than you!

I congratulate a spectacular week and hope to see more amazing contests from you in the future! (and those amazing interviews!)

Alea said...

Yay! I think this went great and smooth and beautifully! Big over-all thumbs up for Girl Week!

Anonymous said...


This was one of the best blogging, reviews, and contest I think any reviewer has ever done! And show us gratitude?! How can we ever show YOU gratitude for having such a fantastic idea and acutally making it happen! You're awesome Steph!!

Shalonda said...

Thank you, Steph! This week was informative, important, and fun for all of the ladies (young and old) who participated. I wish when I was your age, I was as awesome as you are! You always amaze me. Girl Week is just another example of your extreme awesomeness!

Congrats Steph on a great week! And thanks for sharing it with us!

Oh, and thanks to all the authors who visited. Very cool of you all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an amazing week. =)
The guest blogs and reviews gave me so much to think about and look forward to reading.
You are totally awesome.

Happy holidays. =)

Abby said...

Girl Week was totally awesome and I so appreciate all the work you put into it! Thanks for hosting it, Steph!

Anonymous said...

Girl week has been interesting. You did a nice job on girl week with posting and contest. so well done :)

Alessandra said...

This was an amazing event, Steph. Thank you for putting it all together. And the contests! Thank you for making them international.

Sarah Woodard said...

Great job, putting all this together. Yay, for Girl Week.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Cheers for Steph, the authors, and everyone else who helped with this! I think a lot of people understand how setting up stuff can be crazy, and you did it well.


Anonymous said...

Steph and others who helped her, you guys did a great job handling such a big week. Well done!!!

Vanessa ( said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for Girl Week. It was truly great.


Unknown said...

You know I was going to say something nice to you UNTIL I saw that you just had to mention the lap dance. You're a freak and this is sexual harassment.

Whatev, I was glad to help you in any small way I can and I know that however else anyone helped you, you still did a tremendous amount on your own so should totally pat yourself on the back for this one!

And stay away from my lap!

ellie_enchanted said...

Steph, this was amazing! It must have taken lots of effort on your part and on the parts of everyone who participated, and I'm so glad that you did it!

Here's hoping for more awesome ideas in the future.

Liviania said...

You watch Heroes? Dude, I still need to watch this week's ep.

Lenore Appelhans said...

I was here when I was not on a plane, totally sleep deprived or being tortured by reality television at my brother's house. I'll try to catch you on messenger...

Faith said...

Girl week was wonderful. I hope this becomes an annual event and maybe a few other blogs participate. Now that would be an event.

Thanks for doing it. I added a couple more book to my "to read" list.

Unknown said...

I for one really hope that no other blogs participate. This isn't one of those boring "Tuesday things" that everyone does. Steph, you put a butt ton of work into this project -it's YOUR baby. It would be like if you wrote a book and people were like hey, I'll write MY version of it. No. Nothing doing. Can't cosign that. Not gonna do it. As tempting as it is, from my perspective as a fellow blogger, to do my own version, I'm going to refrain and use my own little imagination and exert some creativity to do my own thing. Hopefully, other people will follow suit.

Steph said...

Oh you guys are just wonderful. Thank you! :)

Lenore, I hope you know I was only kidding. I know you have a life and I hope it wasn't too torturous, your past week!

Sammy, Shalonda and Carmen - you guys are awesome :) Thanks! I'm glad you guys enjoyed it like you did - it was what I was going for. =) Hope to see you around next year...!

Laura - what a totally sweet thing to say! I'm not so sure about that (*grin*) - all it takes is a lot of work and willingness to do it all. No secret :) Thanks!

Sarah, Laura, Violetcrush, Abby, lil-aqua-fish and Vanessa - thanks!!

Livinia - yup. I haven't been keeping up with Heroes though... Carol's filling me in. :)

Ellie - Thank you! Wait for it, my dear :) If all goes according to plan, next year's is going to make this one look like an amateur.

Alessandra - there's totally no other way to do it. I'm an international person, too, so whenever I can, I try to include everyone! No guarantees because I may be really broke one day and only able to afford shipping within the US (when I'm there), but every time I can, I will.

Taren, *lap dance*

Hey Faith! Thanks for offering your thoughts. :) I have a question - is there a specific reason you think it should be held in more blogs? Because I think a centralized event is easier to keep up with than a million posts in as many blogs. On the one hand, I see how it would reach other people who might not have come out here otherwise, but then, I circle back to the centralized part. Everything under one roof always appeared to be - to me at least- a little more bite-sized :)

But I'd love to hear your reasoning. Taren's right when she says this is my baby and I'm very reluctant to change its locale, spread it out or delegate it to anyone else, but hell, I'm always open for criticism and new ideas. Do share!


Melissa Walker said...

Steph, thanks for having me as a part of this week. It was truly fun to read every post and comment!

Anonymous said...

Stupid question, I know, but do contest winners get announced on here or via email, and when do they get told, so we can congratulate them all? Not to mention, YOU deserve a bucket load of congratulations on the work you've put into this! So, THANK YOU from all of us!

Leigh Purtill said...

This was a terrific week of great interviews and posts, Steph. Can't one of your teachers consider it a final exam so you can at least get some credit for all your hard work? ;)


Amee said...

You've been nominated. I know you get these things all the time, but I couldn't help myself.

Amee said...

Wrighty said...

Thanks Steph and everyone that contributed! This was truly awesome! I think it's a great idea that you're having this again next year and I'll be here. I liked that the contests were all in one place and you had such good books and authors. Amazing week!!

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