Friday, December 19, 2008

Bloom by Elizabeth Scott

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Everything’s okay in Lauren’s life. It’s not exhilarating but she it’s not too shabby. She’s the girlfriend of the most popular guy in her class, Dave. That alone should make up for the fact she’s depriving herself of things (like sex) for him and his beliefs, right? She certainly thinks so... Until Evan moves into town and suddenly Lauren can’t deal with the attraction she feels for him. Moreover, when she’s with him, she’s a different person. And she likes it. But how can she choose between the safety of being with Dave, who’s stable and wants a future with her, and Evan, who comes as a risk and who inspires something in Lauren—love?—that scares her?

I found it hard to like Lauren, and I can’t work out if that’s because we’re too much alike and it sucks that I’m so whiny or if it’s because she’s generally unlikable. I’m gonna guess the former, which makes her relatable, even if aggravating at times.

That said, I loved the choices she had to make and how they were presented. Also, this book is very frank on the subject of female sexuality without being graphic. Lauren’s conflict is believable—it makes the romantic in me squeal because it creates a lot of tension. I thought this was an excellent presentation of the safety vs risk dilemma that is so true for so many girls.

As far as Elizabeth’s books go, this is my favorite. In terms of steamy romances, I won’t soon forget it. It’s not on my list of *highly recommended*, but it is on my list of notable reads. I just really loved the point of conflict. B

Further: Elizabeth's guest post on the conflict in Bloom.

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Anonymous said...

so many Elizabeth Scott books.
She's an awesome author. =)

Becky said...

I loved Bloom. I think it is a smart take on the movie Valley Girl. And I just *love* Evan. He's probably why this one is my favorite Scott novel.

Alessandra said...

Lovely review. I love the art cover for this book!

Amee said...

Yet another Elizabeth Scott I need to read. ;)

Yan said...

I love this book the best from Elizabeth so far =) I have to read Living Dead Girl now ;)

Carolina said...

I liked this book but I liked Perfect You a bit better. Elizabeth Scott is a great author! :)

Sarah Woodard said...

I loved this book.

Vicky B said...

I heard great things about this book from a friend of mine and really look forward to reading it.

Anonymous said...

hmmm...I like steamy romances. I would interesting to see who she choses.

jocelyn said...

I've read all of her books, and I think this might be my favorite, too. Loved it.

ellie_enchanted said...

I haven't read any of Elizabeth Scott's books yet. I know, I know - I'm getting to it!
I hope I get the chance to read one soon.

Em said...

I really like Elizabeth Scott's books. So hard to choose a favorite though... :)

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