Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You Googled WHAT to My WHERE?

Search queries that have landed people here:

Key: query (my comments)

how do you spell gracais? (hint: not like that)

what book am i thinking of? (only you can tell)

get the pretty little liars collection cheaply online by sara shepard (other cheapos exist in this world!)

horny midnight fairies (this makes me think of "pixies")

books to make me horny (I can offer an alternative for the counter effect: Flowers in the Attic)

breaking dawn birth scene (and we have our share of masochists)

megan mccafferty perfect fifths excerpt (don't I wish)

the possiblity of saint hood (not the book, I'll gather. I think the ratio is like 1 to 5 million, if that helps)

horny books (wow, like action figures for the bookish set!)

Some of these frighten me. But mostly, they amuse the hell out of me.


WannabeWriter said...

Hahahaha!! Wow, I didn't know that many readers wished to get horny. That's ... interesting. I wish them luck?


Chelsea said...

Haaaaa. How did you find this out? I want to do it!

Steph said...

WannabeWriter - I think the bigger issue here is what this says about my blog! I think someone, somewhere is trying to tell me to tone down the oolala language :P I'm choosing to turn over a deaf ear.

Chels - statcounter <3


Amee said...

Haha, that's awesome. I think Taren said someone found our blog by typing in "poopy diapers" or something similar. :P

Ruth King said...

The ratio of horniness in your searchers is really amusing and just a little bit scary. I need to start making notes of the oddball searches that lead people to my site.

Alea said...

I love reading those too. It's hilarious!

Unknown said...

I almost did a post like this earlier! Except I keep getting multiple people who want to read the sex scene from Flowers in the Attic. And like Amee said, someone found us by searching for poopy diapers. I have a lot of male friends who frequent some....colorful sites, so I'd be glad to hook them up with your readers in need of a good horny read.

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