Friday, September 5, 2008


BBAW - if you're a blogger (or blog reader) and not familiar with those acronyms, you've been living under one hefty rock.

SOOOOOO! The finalists are in! You can check them out by clicking here. Here are the YA book blog ones:

Best YA Lit Blog
The Book Muncher
Bookshelves of Doom
The Page Flipper
Presenting Lenore
The Story Siren

Some familiar names, eh? Congrats to all the finalists!


Alea said...

Yes that's very exciting!

Amee said...

Congrats! I won't say who I'm voting for but congrats to everyone! :)

Lenore Appelhans said...

Thanks Steph! I actually nommed you and was disapointed (and shocked) not to see you on the list. You rock!

Steph said...

Hey Lenore - Wow, thank you! I'm not disappointed about not having made the list because I just don't see how my blog constitutes as the best of anything. But it just totally made my day that you voted for me. Thank you again :)

That said, I was surprised with the list. I'm so happy for all the finalists, but where's Teen Book Review, who's been around forever? Miss Erin Marie, who's been around even longer? And The YA YA YAs, who pretty much rock in every possible way? So many blogs, so few can actually make it as "best". Sigh.

Congrats again to all the finalists, though!


Rachael Stein said...

thanks for posting. i'm also surprised you didnt make it, you have such an awesome YA blog!! seriously.

i thought the same too about Teen Book Review. i would think she'd be number one on the list.

Chelsea said...

Yeah, I was really surprised, too. I definitely think you, TBR, and The Compulsive Reader should have made it on the list. But I love the other four finalists -- I think they all deserve it.

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