Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Take On Random

I'm bored, I'm numb, and I'm fed up with my project that is GOING NOWHERE. Therefore, random links of love! Here are all kinds of nifty stuff I've found today:

Lenore is celebrating a big awesome reviewer something that happened today and I'm so happy for her! And also, she made the most spectacular post of the week, which you can have the pleasure of viewing by clicking here.

A.S. King revamped her site!

I'd like to kindly ask Twilighters to stop killing Khyrinthia, the blogosphere would not be complete without her hating on Jacob and Edward.

Trisha over at The YA YA YAs decided to make my day and give my blog some love! Kristi over at The Story Siren followed suit. <3

The judges for the Cybils 2008 have been announced!

Organizer: Jackie Parker Interactive Reader

Panelists (Round I judges)
Leila Roy Bookshelves of Doom
Rebecca Laney Becky's Book Reviews
Amanda Snow A Patchwork of Books
Trisha Murakami The Ya Ya Yas
Kate Fall Author2Author
Jocelyn Pearce Teen Book Review
Abby Johnson Abby (the) Librarian

Judges (Round II)
Jackie Parker Interactive Reader
Sarah Stevenson Finding Wonderland, Readers' Rants
Allie/Little Willow Bildungsroman
Lili Wilkinson Inside a Dog
Casey Titschinger Avid Teen Reader

I see some friendly reviewer & author faces, don't you?

I also got some link love over at Omnivoracious's YA Wednesday! Nice column for bookish people to check out =)

Kristi posted an awesome Books to Pine For Part III, where I got several wishlist items. Damn you, Kristi, making me more book hungry =/

I just realized that I'm an insomniac, but that doesn't mean I make any sense whatsoever at midnight (which it currently is). So I'll leave you be with this - hopefully someone makes some use of it!


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