Saturday, September 27, 2008


Any authors or publicists feeling generous? (Please note I do not live in the US, so you'd be the one who'd have to do the sending.) I'm the one who coordinates the YA Connection contests and I'm pretty much out of prizes. Each Connection gets loads of views, people love contests, etc, so it's great publicity! *bats eyelashes* I'm not so great with the flirting, but I rock at groveling. I would be forever grateful.


The "LMFAO" at the title refers to one of the search queries than just led someone here a couple of hours ago: jacob nessie disgusting. I'm glad you think so, too, my anonymous Google-using friend!

And why am I ridiculously happy? I JUST GOT THE BEST AUTHOR EMAIL EVER FROM ONE OF MY IDOLS. She's so quick to reply! Details later.



Unknown said...

I'm thinking that makes it at least three of us on the Jacob/Nessie front. We should start a club.

Alea said...

Yes... it's just eww. *eyeroll*

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