Sunday, September 28, 2008

Banned Books

Banned Books Week isn't an actual event around these parts, so I'll keep my blog participation on them short and sweet.

I just found out Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld is a challenged book.

For the newcomers to the blog (my stats are going up, so I assume I’ve got a few! welcome aboard!), Prep is my favorite book of all times. I know the response to it is rather polarized—either people love it or they hate it, no middle ground. Personally, I’ve never come across a more touching, brilliant, witty, and soul searching book. I’d recommend it for anyone to read—even if you come out hating it. Because I’ll tell you this: if things go well and you love it, it’ll be like a revolution in your life.

Looking at my list of favorite books, every last one of them could be challenged or banned for whatever ridiculous reasons people are pulling books from the shelves today—sexual content, drugs, illicit activity, or language. Masturbation. Witchcraft.

To which I say: fuck you. I’ma read what I want and to hell with your repressing ways.

So do yourself a favor—pick up a few banned books. Their message is probably not even that bad, but all the glorification and hype of the challenging media only serves as augmentation for their “corruption”.

Besides, doesn’t doing wrong feel so, so right? :)

Sinfully yours,


Nurin said...

The fact that even Harry Potter is a banned book amuses me to no end.

Prep was challenged? Wow.

That's insane.

Got any banned book recs for me? =P

Alea said...

i need to read prep again. I think I mostly liked it.. can't really remember now. One of the Barnes and Noble I go to sometimes has a great thing going on in the YA section. The books that have been banned or challenged are highlighted and there's a short explantation to why. I've looked at it several times.

I don't think books should be banned but i also think that if a parent doesn't think their child should read a required book for school they should be allowed another option. Books should not be removed from libraries though!

Kelsey said...

I hate that people ban books. It sucks. I completely agree with you Alea.

I still can't believe HP is banned. That is sooo just wrong.

Prep sounds good, I'm gonna see if my library has it.

Carolina said...

LOL sure I'll read more banned books starting with Prep. I haven't read that one yet. *gasps* Yes I know I might be the only one who hasnt' read Prep. But I will soon...

Mari said...

I read many of the books on the banned list when I was young/still in school. So glad my mom supported my reading. She let me read everything I wanted too as long as I shared with her and and we talked about them. I was reading Dean Koontz in high school! She read them too. Love my mom. :)

Amee said...

I love reading banned books. Being bad does feel good! ;)

Liv said...

I've heard a lot of people saying that they hated Prep, but now that I've seen your take on it, and the fact that it was challenged, I think I'm going to have to pick it up. I can't resist something that has controversy surrounding it!

Unknown said...

I'm guessing Prep was challenged because of sex. That doesn't surprise me at all considering that teenagers would **never** learn about sex were it not for all of the books they read. For fuck's sake...

I actually really liked Prep. With a few exceptions it was almost like reading my own diary.

Gabbi said...

I loved Prep when I read it a couple years ago. It's easy to understand why some people hate it - Lee isn't exactly the type of girl I'd befriend in a second.

But then again, Holden Caufield isn't the kind of guy I'd date either...

Janet said...

Hm. Where do you stand on the Bratz books and Scholastic pulling them from their catalogue?

A.S. King said...

"To which I say: fuck you."

Hooray! Up with banned books! Down with censorship! Been reading Slaughterhouse Five this week - one of my favorite banned books.

(ps - Carol - I haven't read Prep yet either.)


Ms. Yingling said...

I don't believe in banning books, but I do draw a lot of lines when it comes to what I keep in my middle school library, mainly because I don't want to fight with parents. There really isn't any need for foul language (sorry), and if students get expelled for using such language, should I really have books that use it? It's hard.

On a happier note, I nominated you for this award over at my blog. Don't feel compelled to participate in the "chain letter". Your blog is very useful to me and I am truly impressed by your readership.

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