Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ahh, Je Suis --- Oh Never Mind, I Don't Speak French

Just a status update to people to whom I owe emails, reviews, interviews. etc:

I am working on it. Believe me, I am. If anyone's been following the chronology of my life, you'll have noticed today was supposed to be the last day of exams. Due to a quicksand of crap, I have to take makeup midterms next week. So...yeah.

On a more positive note, I get the rest of this week off from studying which means more reading and more reviews. And by God, I have missed doing both, especially the latter. My opinionated demons need to express themselves.

Speaking of opinionated demons, I've been witnessing a lot of speculation on the validity of the term "leak" in regards to what happened with Midnight Sun. What are you all's opinions? Not trying to be controversial, of course.


Amee said...

Meaning that people think Meyer did it herself? Because that's something I've been speculating since she posted about it on her site.

Kelsey said...

Wow, I haven't heard of the rumors questioning if Meyer did it herself just to take a break, but maybe, but if what she is saying is right, well that's sad and I'm kind of mad at Meyer that she lets this get to her like it did just by one person.

I've read the first 12 chapters and I really LOVED it. I love being in the mind of Edward.

Leigh Purtill said...

I hadn't heard this...Steph and Ambeen, do you have a link? I'd love to read more. Tx~

Amee said...

Scroll down to the second entry from the top (Aug. 28). It just seems from her reaction and the way she is presenting herself that there may be more to it than we know.

I didn't know anyone else was speculating about it so I don't have links for that. It was just something I've thought since reading Meyer's post about it.

Gabrielle said...

Weyell... I wouldn't do the same thing that she is doing. I don't know, but I guess I don't think it's as much of a big deal. I know her rights were violated (unless she did it herself, which would be... strange) but financially, it would only help her book. "Midnight Sun" would earn her a *lot* of money.

Anonymous said...

I've got nothing but gut to go on here but her post about the leak sounds for real. Her comment "With writing, the way you feel changes everything" is true and feels 100% honest. She's major league-- there's no rationale for her to be a part of anything that's not legit. Dying to know who was the leakmeister though. Congrats on all your views Steph. BBA***** to you!

Amee said...

We need a new post! Lol, I keep checking and nothing. What happened to posting every day? I need more Steph. ;P

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