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Wow, Seems Like Breaking Dawn = Apocalypse (SPOILERS.)

Do NOT read this if you don't want spoilers.

I won't be getting this one until next month because the store I special-order books at won't have it in until then. So, because I desperately wanted to know what happened, I began searching online and reading Amazon discussions and reviews. Keep in mind I haven't read the book yet, so I don't know the context of anything. Here's what I was able to gather:

- Bella's power is lame. Can't find what the power actually IS anywhere, so if anyone wants to leave it in the comments section, that'd be great.

ETA: Khyrinthia explains the power as, "Bella's power is that she's a shield. She can put a shield around people and then mind powers won't work on the people in the shield. Jane's power, for example, won't work if you're in the shield. And she learned that she can project her past thoughts into Edward's head."

- There's something about venom sperm. Well, at least it doesn't *sparkle*. No venom sperm, after all!

- There's something about an abortion. Allegedly the baby was killing Bella and Edward had the brilliant idea of wanting it out. Then Jacob realized Bella and the baby probably needed blood. Is Jacob the mature one in this novel?

- Bella and Edward have a kid. Yeah, Stephenie Meyer totally contradicted herself in this one.

- The kid is called Renesme (Renee + Esme), nicknamed Nessie. Like, Lochness Monster, anyone?

- Jacob imprints on the kid. Supposedly, Renesme will have reached adult form (twenty-one years of age, physically ... and mentally?) in only seven years of life. People have been saying this is pedophilia, but having not read the novel and seeing its context, I won't comment on that.

What concerns me, though, is why would Stephenie Meyer do this to Jacob, a character she supposedly cares a lot for? Why does he have to settle for a beta version of Bella? More importantly, why is he pushed for a future with a girl who is the child (that is, HALF) of Edward, the one who ended up with Jacob's original object of affection? If I were Jacob, I'd kill myself. No, seriously. Imagine imprinting on the child of the person you loved but couldn't have! How is this an acceptable ending???

- Sex does happens, but there are no scenes depicting it. This is just sad. I wasn't looking for smut, but hearing NOTHING is shown is disappointing. Here we are, having grown progressively racier with each successive book:

Twilight: Very tame, light kissing.
New Moon: Kissing gets more passionate.
Eclipse: Kissing reaches boiling point and characters almost have sex.

...and then it crashes and burns in Breaking Dawn.

ETA: There's "sex all night"? Something like that?

New Thing: THERE IS A BIRTH SCENE. No SEX but we get BIRTH. Is this supposed to compensate?! And details of the birth scene are allegedly as follows: Bella coughs up blood and breaks her spine. Rosalie wants to drink her blood. So she's not a vamp by the time Renesme is born?

I'll add more when I come across them. If anyone's read the book and can think of things to add to the list, feel free to comment and I'll add them in. Also, I WANNA KNOW BELLA'S POWER.)


I'll wait until I read the book to pass jodgment (and post a review), but from what people have been saying, it doesn't sound very good. Thank god Hatchette is making international export versions available for us outside the US - they're cheaper. I preordered one of those. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my god. I haven't read it either but I can't believe she'd contradict herself like that!!! I can't even figure out how it's POSSIBLE for vampires to have kids since they don't grow or anything. That makes no sense at all. Stephenie even said herself it was impossible!!

Jacob imprints on Bella's freaking kid? Oh dear god. That's disgusting. Bella's ex-boyfriend/lover in love with her own KID?

But you know what? I don't think I'm going to be as pissed about it like some people. I'm Team Switzerland so I want them all to be happy.

Lenore Appelhans said...

Sounds like that sci-fi mini series from the 80s called V where the alien and human had a kid and the kid grew scarily fast into this sexy alien/human hybrid!

Khy said...

I finished reading it and...ugh. I was so bored.

Bella's power is that she's a shield. She can put a shield around people and then mind powers won't work on the people in the shield. Jane's power, for example, won't work if you're in the shield. And she learned that she can project her past thoughts into Edward's head.

Amee said...

Omg, what a load of crap. I can't believe she turned this last book into this. Ugh. I'm still going to buy it and read just because I've got this far and I have to know how it all plays out.

About the pedophilia thing, didn't they explain in New Moon or Eclipse that it is more brotherly feelings until the child reaches adulthood and then their feelings change as well? I thought that was how it was explained when one of the others imprinted on a two year old.

Like you, Steph, I won't judge it till I read it. I may have to go ahead and get this soon. I was going to wait till my winter break but my curiosity has been heightened. :P

Amee said...

Oh, and why is she suddenly throwing in the seven years = 21 years thing? That's really weird. It seems weird to throw something sci-fi like that in with more mythical things like vampires and werewolves.

Lenore Appelhans said...

I haven't read any of the books so what is imprinting anyway?

Amee said...

I know you're already nominated but I had to do it again. So...

I've nominated you! Check out my blog for the details. :)

Lenore: Imprinting is like realizing that the person is the one you're supposed to love and protect forever. Probably not the best definition but that's the gist of it. ;)

Anonymous said...

I haven't read any of the Twilight books, but I wanted to let you know that someone posted a link to your blog on the Meg Cabot forums in the Teen Books thread, where everyone's obviously talking about BD. They said you were pointing out the good spoilers, hehe. Just thought you'd like to know.

Chelsie said...

So, I finished reading the book, and I'm going to try to make it sound less creepy. Because, I'll admit it was a bit out there, it wasn't nearly as bad as the spoilers make it sound.

1. Her power was obvious, from the very beginning when Edward couldn't read her mind, and even when Aro and Jane's powers didn't affect her. It's not so lame, and at least it's better than having no power at all. She actually makes it extremely useful by the end.

2. Nope, no abortion. And Jacob was mature in this novel, I think... at least, he wasn't annoying to me. But I don't always have the best judgment.

3. You know how Bella wanted Edward to try to have sex before changing her? Well, they tried, and I have no idea how Edward managed to get her pregnant (speaking of sperm, do vamps even HAVE sperm?! I can't imagine that happening... but oh well) with a half-human, half-vampire. The baby grows so fast and is so strong that it was basically killing Bella from the inside out, and so when it came time to give birth, the only way to keep Bella alive was to turn her vampire. Which worked out perfectly for her, because she got the baby like she wanted, and she also got to change.

4. Jacob actually gave her that nickname, and Bella got extremely pissed because of the whole Loch Ness Monster thing. =P

5. It doesn't seem to gross to me that he imprinted (except for what you said about Jacob imprinting on Bella and Edwards daughter, which is wrong in so many ways) on someone so young, because he only wants her to be happy and safe, but like someone said, it grows to be more as soon as they mature.

6. I actually thought the sex was a bit more exciting in this one... I was surprised. It wasn't raunchy and gross (not that I'm against that, just in these novels it wouldn't work) but it was definitely present.

7. Nope, not a vamp yet... like I said above. She became pregnant on the honeymoon, so there was no time for her to turn vampire before getting the kid. And she couldn't turn while pregnant, I imagine, because as far as they knew, they didn't know what kind of consequences it would have for the kid. That's my theory, anyways.

Now, I really liked this book. It was definitely not as good as the first three (not even close) but it was definitely interesting. I just wasn't into the different things that happened... the things that made it sort of far-fetched and out there. But it could have been much much worse.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the book. The whole time I was reading I was anxious to find out what is going to happen next... until she was pregnant. Even though I found it to be very weird, and the birth scene reminded me of Alien, I could see how Renesmee fit everything together. Bella was a human when she conceived and before she could die after the birth, Edward made her a vampire. It was strange seeing Bella as a vampire but it made sense, and it seemed as though life was going to be perfect forever for them. I give this boom a 8/10. The final chapter "happily ever after" was kinda cheesy, but at least everyone is happy and everything made sense.

Anonymous said...

Twilight series of the Twilight series...tsk...tsk...
It's a shame how much publicity it gets. The book series is flawed like CRAZY!

Stephenie Meyers claims that she had it all the books planed out. Yeah effing right. Let me be blunt. Edward's sperm is suppose to be sterile, he a freakin' vamp that SPARKLES for god's sake. How can his sperm produce a child?!?!

And Jacob imprinting on the baby. WTF?!? Okay obviously this was Meyer's lame attempt to make Jacob also win. But I personally think it was plan gross. HELLO the person your in Love with REnemes (whatever the eff her name is) is the product of your FREAKIN crush that you must probably dreamed about and her fucking husband who you used to hate! If meyer's planned this out she should have written in a girl in New Moon or something for Jake. She would have been the fall back girl when Jake is rejected by Bella.

Back to Edward. His character sucks he so over protective and shit. The 2nd book was plain stupid. he LOVES her soo much but he leaves her cuz she might get hurt. okay first of all Bella has no life, no friends, all she ever had (or meyer;s make it seem) is the hot, smexy, sparkly vampire. So she clearly will be effected by it. I mean it was established in the beginnig that she would pull a romeo and juliet. Commit sucide or in this case risk her life by doing crazy shit like diving off a cliff.

I mean I could go on and on about how it's flawed. maybe i'll right one big organized thing about why ppl are drawn to this so called "best thing ever since harry potter" and why HP is better and why are we little humans DRAWN to sparkling, god-like Edward Cullen and what Meyer's could've done to make me like the book series better. Just maybe...


For all you Twilighters i don't COMPLETELY hate the book. i like about .01% of it. Not much but hey it's something.


I liked about the 1st book was when James entered the picture and stuff.

Before you guys start hating me realize it's 1 in the morning and I'm tired hence why my comment has grammatical errors and what not.

okay byebye this was fun. i like to vent :)

HARRY POTTER owns Twilight's sorry sparkling butts.

I can't wait to see how many hate comments i get from my comment.

yours truly,
Captain of the Debate Team

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Alright "Captain-Of-The-Debate-Team-Smarty-Pants!!! Here's yur "hate" comment......
I understand why you think those things, but when you really, honestly process them in yur head, the make sense! And YOU CANNOT be hatin' on MY Edward!!!! Oh, and BTW...... Twilight owns Harry Potter's sorry MAGICAL butts!!!!! :P

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