Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh, God, I Think I Just Squealed!

You cannot imagine how happy it makes you when, after three hours of midterms and seven hours straight of group studying at your school for tomorrow's midterms, you come home and have to tutor this ten-year-old girl for the first time (English tutor, chyeah) and you're so exhausted and you try to do the best you can with her and then when her mom comes to pick her up and you close the door goodbye, she squeals in that tiny-tiny voice of hers that "she loved it!"

Which means that you did a good enough job that she wants to come back. And you can't wait 'til next week because by then, you'll be back to your regular self and hopefully more fun.

And then you go to your room and you see the Book Divas package containing The Book Thief in all its hefty glory just waiting 'til you finish midterms (9 more to go!) for you to devour.

Even though you spent double the time in school today than you slept, and you still have ten more chapters to review for tomorrow's three midterms, you can't help but think it's been a wonderful day.

The night's still young, but dude, you are SMILING THE 8347893 WATT BRIGHT SMILE. It has occurred to you that you are sleep deprived. BUT NO MATTER.

Life rocks sometimes.


alison ashlee said...

All hail thy excellent English tutor!

Ahh, Marcus Zusak ... I haven't read 'The Book Thief' yet, but I've read another book of his. Oooo! I see he's coming to your region of the world soon! Two words for you, my dear Steph: Go Australia! :P

And might we add, go you! :D

Khy said...

The Book Thief is FANTASTIC. Markus Zusak is amazing.

And nine more midterms? Ew. Good luck with that.

Amee said...

Aw! That's so sweet. How awesome are you? Very.

YA Book Realm said...

Haha I wish I had a similar story to tell about my tutor experience. I tutored this six-year-old for guess what subject?...that's right English! He was soo quite throughout the tutoring session.

But after the third day he was all smiley, friendly, and actually talked to me and of course it was the LAST day of tutoring. Now that I think of it the smiles and everything had to do with the fact it WAS the last day of tutoring for him.

As for Book Divas. They haven't given me my book yet! :( I don't think they even sent it out to me.

Oh and GOOD LUCK with your midterms! :D

dd said...

Aw, poor you! Nine more midterms- that's crazy! =D Ooh, and Marcus Zuzak rocks! I'm not sure which book I love more- The Messenger or The Book Thief, lol! Good luck with your midterms!!!! (Not that you need it or anything!)

~Lucy D =)
(Btw, sorry for all the exclamation points, I'm a teensy bit addicted to them!)

Anonymous said...

Texas has schools have midterms at this time?? Weird! I feel sorry for you!

Amee said...

Steph doesn't live in Texas, so no, I doubt Texas schools are having midterms right now.

Anonymous said...

That's gotta stink, but at least you get to look forward to reading The Book Thief, trust me it's an AMAZING book.

Kayla (Midnight Twilight)

Cassandra said...

wait – why are you having midterms now? I just started school yesterday!

Steph said...

Hey everyone! You're all so awesome, thank you!

May - I have yet to have a negative response to my tutoring. IMO, I'm not that great but hey, if they like it and they feel they're learning, I'm all for continuing. Gets the books paid for and some money on my savings account ;)

Anon & Cassandra - Ambeen's right, I'm having midterms right now because I don't live in the US, so your school schedule is quite different from mine. For instance, I'm halfway through my sophomore year. Yeah, I know - you're just starting school NOW and I'm halfway through my school year. Some countries do it differently ;)


Little Willow said...

Congratulations! That must be a great feeling.

Anonymous said...

Oh but in your BD profile it says your from Texas!

So I just assumed you did lived in Texas.

Steph said...

LW/Allie - Hey there! Yes, it was indeed a great feeling =)

Anon - Hey! In what profile are you talking about? I should fix that so as not to give anyone the wrong impression!


Anonymous said...

Oh hehe i didn't know you commented back, thanks!! Um it in the Book Divas collectivex website.

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