Friday, August 29, 2008

The Book Blogger Event of the Year (!!!)

So, the very classy Amy of My Friend Amy is holding the coolest event in the history of the universe, the Book Blogger Appreciation Week. More info on that here, including what it is and how you can register. You can also start voting by clicking here.

Personally, I find this is an off-the-walls, made of awesome idea because, well, Amy said it best:

"You work hard. You read books, you write reviews, you maintain relationships with your readers, publicists, and authors. You are constantly running to the post office to mail your giveaways and participating in carnivals to help boost traffic. You sometimes want to faint when you see the size of your TBR pile, but faithfully you read. And you do it because you love it. Book blogging is for most a hobby. But it's a hobby that takes a lot of work and time. It's a labor of love."


So I think it's fabulous and that everyone who hears about it should participate cos God knows we'd, as a community, love it if you do. :)


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