Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fancy White Trash by Marjetta Geerling

Finding love is simple with the One True Love Plan.

“If only life were as easy as your sisters.” Abby’s heard that one before. And it’s true —Shelby and Kait aren’t exactly prim and proper. Abby is determined not to follow in their footsteps, so she has created the One True Love Plan. The most important part of the plan is Rule #1: Find Someone New. This means finding a guy who hasn’t already dated Shelby or Kait. But when Abby starts falling for the possible father of Kait’s baby, she has to figure out if some rules are meant to be broken.

Grade: D+ //

Memorable Quotes/Lines:
ARC -- cannot, will not quote :P


This book in a word: Incredible. And not in a good way.


The base of the spotlighted family is the mother, Mona (an erratic and irresponsible parental figure), and three sisters, Shelby (21), Kait (18), and Abby (15). Shelby has a three-year-old kid, Hannah, and Kait is pregnant for a portion of the book and then gives birth to premature baby named Stephanie. Abby’s father and Mona have been married twice—they’re divorced at the beginning of the novel. Mona is also pregnant (three months only, so no baby pops in the middle of the narrative, as it doesn’t have a very wide time line), her baby’s father being Steve, who is her at-the-time husband and Kait’s ex-boyfriend and allegedly Stephanie’s father. However, Stephanie could also be the daughter of next-door neighbor Jackson, who is also in love with Abby. Abby wants nothing to do with him because of this. Oh, and Steve is also sleeping around with Kait to boot.

Does this constitute enough showing (not telling) as to how farfetched the entire novel is? The sad thing is, this ensemble could’ve worked under any other plot. The slutty family theme begs for exploration, but this was taken so far past the line, it came together as comical and lacking. The characters, the situation, and the resolution—all extremely over-the-top. Some major toning down should’ve been applied as needed.

What’s funny is, the main character loves soap operas, so I guess the point in all this craziness was to create a connection between real life and soaps. And it didn’t work at all, what with all the commotion created by my handy WTF siren.

One redemptive aspect I found in this clutter of trailer park snafus was the Marjetta Geerling’s voice. Very realistic and quite funny, so I’ll keep look out for her next novel. This one missed the mark, but hopefully her next one will be a testament to her potential (or perceived potential, anyway).

No recommendation on this one, I’m afraid. Although, it might be good for amusement...


Amee said...

Wow, that sounds messed up. I mean I know that kind of inbreeding happens, but wow, never thought I'd find it in a YA novel of this nature. This is just begging to be banned by outraged parents the world over.

Lenore Appelhans said...

Sounds like my aunt's freeloader's family!

Zulmara said...

Thanks for an honest review...good work...



Anonymous said...

actually, I read the book myself and it's not as bad as you say it is. Now this is my oppinion, but I mean this was a very intresting book, to me anyway. I don't think it deserve's a D+ or whatever you gave it, I would most likley give it a c+. Yes the ending was kind of strange. but other then that everything was fine. :o

Steph said...

Hey there,

To give it a C+ would've meant that I thought it was somewhat enjoyable, which I didn't. It felt like a novelised cartoon, which's humor I didn't get and, frankly, wasn't very amused by. The whole thing was just way too over-the-top, Punk'd style for me. Obviously other people disagree -- just look at the Amazon reviews. That's their opinion -- this is mine :)


Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubbles but she was amazing :p

you guys don't understand a true geniuses voice and plot strcture. Bad taste but w.e

Anonymous said...

Hey there,
I read this book and found it quite enjoyable it had messed up situations but it was a good book... I normally don't like reading at all but this book I thought was amazing and I am glad I actually read this book. So I give you a D- for no taste at all... GOODBYE

Steph said...

I'm so glad you guys liked it! I love it when people love their reading experience. As such, I blog about books I think will be enjoyable, and advise against the ones I don't. I hope people get a sense of my taste and judge for themselves if it matches theirs. It's just ONE opinion among many - you're more than welcome to not consider it.


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