Sunday, May 18, 2008

Reviewer Profile: Hope's Bookshelf

Hey, hey everyone! Hope everyone's having a fabulous weekend. Authors, Reviewer Profiles are to help you get to know reviewers better. Reviewers, if you're interested in getting profiled, please click here to read the info post and email me.

Now, on to the profile:
Name: Hope
Alias: N/A
Headquarters: Hope's Bookshelf
Mission: To review good books that young adults should read. And to have fun doing it. [:
Genres: Young Adult.

What's your occupation by day?
Student. One who needs a job...

What made you decide to tackle this whole blog reviewer biz?
Well, I wanted to start a blog, but I didn't know about what, and I love to read, so... I put two and two together and came up with Hope's Bookshelf.

What are your blog's strong points?
Hm.. I'm not very good at finding my strengths... but I think I'm good and telling what I liked and didn't like about whatever book I post. If I don't like something, I'll tell you, even if it's not what other people believed.

What are the best aspects of being a reviewer?
I've always wanted to meet authors, and interviewing them to me is almost like meeting them, so that's pretty rewarding.

In your opinion, where lies the heart of a good book?
I think the book has to have a good message to it and be realistic. I'm not a person who cries a lot, so if the book is one of those Real Life books that can make me cry, then it's an excellent book.

What books rocked your world? Which authors?
I just finished Story of a Girl by Sara Zarr last night, and it's one good book, let me tell you that. Also, Sarah Dessen.

What are some of your other passions and interests?
I've been playing the piano for four years, and also singing. Music is my second love. [:

Can you roll your tongue or do other nifty stuff?
Uhm.. no, nothing very nifty that I can think of. I can roll my tongue, though, but that's about it.

What music puts the rock to your roll?
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Boys Like Girls, Avril Lavigne, Fall Out Boy, Beach Boys, Miranda Lambert, Fergie, Taylor Swift.

Any movies you can watch over and over again and not get bored?
GREASE. It's been my favorite movie since I was five. And I watch it once a week faithfully. And I know it's a TV show, but I Love Lucy is the best.

Young Adult or death?


Amee said...

I love Grease too! I watch it whenever they're showing it on tv. :P

Liv said...

Great answers! I love Taylor Swift too...she's kind of my guilty pleasure as I'm not a huge fan of country music. :D

Chelsie said...

Hope has the best music taste evar!!!

I love this whole idea! Have I ever mentioned that =P

Te amo,

Heather said...

Grease is AWESOME! I listen to a lot the artists Hope does! I love Boys Like Girls, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Taylor Swift, and Avril Lavigne!

Anonymous said...

Yay for another reviewer profile! I was missing them. Great to read all about Hope's answers! Fantastic idea! :)

Anna said...

Aw, thanks for posting Steph. You're so sweet. :)


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Great interview. Love your music taste Hope. You should check my blog and see if you like any of the bands we post about... some are similar to some of the stuff you listed. :)

By the way, I do love this idea and would love to be profiled (if i even count) if you need someone at some point.


Melissa Walker said...

Great profile! And "Our Song" is just the only tune I'm listening to this week. Love Taylor Swift!

Nurin said...

xD Great profile!

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