Saturday, May 24, 2008

Reviewer Profile: The Book Muncher

Hey, hey everyone! Hope everyone's having a groundbreaking weekend! I know I am :)

Anyway, on to Reviewer Profile Saturday! Authors, Reviewer Profiles are to help you get to know reviewers better. Reviewers, if you're interested in getting profiled, please click here to read the info post and email me.

This week's spotlight goes to The Book Muncher!

Name: Rachael Stein (but sometimes I go by Scarlet Haine)
Alias: the Book Muncher

Mission: to make the world a better place, one book review at a time (ya know, recommending only the best books)
Genres: mostly YA, but sometimes adult and younger reader books

What's your occupation by day?
High school student and tutor.

What made you decide to tackle this whole blog reviewer biz?
I decided one day that I wanted more books. Then I saw this awesome reviewing blog, and viola, a dream was born. It originally started as a way to get free books (I know, bad me), but now it's turned into practically a way of life.

What are your blog's strong points?
Uhh, the book reviews? Oh, and the list of contests :D

What are the best aspects of being a reviewer?
Reading books I might never have picked up in the first place and chatting with awesome authors and other amazing book reviewers.

In your opinion, where lies the heart of a good book?
If a book can inspire deep emotions or make you want to go out and save the world or conquer your fears, or basically just makes you think, that's a good book.

What books rocked your world? What authors?
Well, there are a lot, but I'll keep it as short as possible:

Books: City of Bones, I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone, A Little Friendly Advice, How Not to Be Popular, Wake, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks

Authors: Stephanie Meyer, Libba Bray, Marianne Curley, Scott Westerfeld, Melissa Marr, Sarah Dessen, Melissa de la Cruz

What are some of your other passions and interests?
Photography, and uhh.....sleeping?

Can you roll your tongue or do other nifty stuff?
Well duh. I can like cross my eyes really well (does that count as a talent?)

What music puts the rock to your roll? Any movies you can watch over and over again and not get bored? TV shows?
Music (artists): Jimmy Eat World, Jack's Mannequin, Linkin Park, 3 Days Grace, From First to Last, Panic! at the Disco, Yellowcard, The Used, Death Cab for Cutie

Movies: What a Girl Wants, Because I Said So, the Bourne trilogy (love those violent spy movies), Lord of the Rings (eek, awesome!!)

TV shows: Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty

Young Adult or death?
Do I need to answer this? I think you should know my answer :D
(Steph says: Oh, but Rachael dear, I do! :P)


Melissa Walker said...

Great profile. As you know I LOVE this feature! It's awesome for authors to get a glimpse at the people behind the reviews. Yay!

Heather said...

Haha, I'm thinking that crossing your eyes DOES count as a should, at least.

Amee said...

Another great profile! I can't wait for yours, I'm ready to interview you. ;)

the story siren said...

great profile! i really like this feature it is a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Aw! I loved this one! Book Muncher is an awesome reviewer, and I love chatting with her whenever we cross paths. :)

Also, I think the last question is missing the "Young" part because right now it says "Adult or death?" unless of course that was the intended question... lol ;P

Oh, and BM, what was the awesome blog you read? (a tiny part of my ego is hoping it was mine, haha).

Rachael Stein said...

he yall, it's me :D

actually Book Chic, you're the second inspiring book blog i read. the first was the page flippers, i foudn it through book divas. then on myspace, i found yours :D

Anonymous said...

Woo! Second is always good too, and I'm sure The Page Flipper will be excited to hear that she was the one to inspire you! :)

Lenore Appelhans said...

This is a great feature! I finally updated my blogroll and both you and the book muncher are on it :)
feel free to add me as well.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Nice intervew, once again. I love this feature as well. You have some great features, Steph (go YOU! lol).


Tasha said...

Super fun as always!!

Steph said...

Hey everyone, thanks for the positive replies :) You're all awesome!


Chelsea said...

Ahh, Bookmuncher, I didn't know my blog inspired you! That's so cool! I feel honored. =)

Great profile, btw. I love these things.

Zulmara said...

que cool...this was is good to get to know the reviewers and what makes them tick...



Beth Fehlbaum, Author said...

Cool interview. I've corresponded with Rachael/Scarlett-- and found her to be an affable, engaging person.

Beth Fehlbaum, author
Courage in Patience, a story of hope for those who have endured abuse
Chapter 1 is online!

Nurin said...

hehe this feature's great!

Crossing your eyes is a talent ;) And it's awesome

Anonymous said...

Perfect! I love reading about the reviewers. To kind of get to know the people behind the really cool names!!

Fab idea!!

Keri Mikulski said...

I agree with Melissa. Love these profiles! Thanks, Book Muncher and Reviewer X!

Liviania said...

I look forward to this feature every week. ^_^

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