Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Feature: Reviewer Profiles

Right now, on my sidebar, you can see a lot of reviewer blog links. It's great to be connected, isn't it? But I was thinking: How many of these reviewers post actual information about them? Not many. Now, I'm one of those people totally invested in making all their experiences personal ones. I mean, why do you think I like doing author interviews so much? Book QnAs? Young Adult Weekly? Talking to authors through MySpace?

I have so much already dedicated to authors on my blog. All my features--save for Young Adult Weekly, which has a reviewer portion to it--are centered to promoting, recognizing, acknowledging, and personalizing authors. And hey, I hope the number of author-features on this blog will only grow in number with time.

But I want to give some of the spotlight to the reviewers. Because most of the ones I've gotten to know rock so fantastically, and exult so much positive karma upon the universe, they should just be gifted their own endless supply of great books and call it even.

Hence: Reviewer Profiles. Starting now, I'll interview one reviewer a week and post their own page on my blog. Yup, that's right--that's my tribute to their awesomeness.

When I told this to two close friends, they loved the idea--but were worried about how it might be deterring from my site and just creating open space for ruthless advertising for other reviewers. So I'm bringing this to the open:

Reviewers, how do you think we can make this "fair"? What would you consider "fair", anyway? Let me put it this way: Would you be willing to link to it under your About Me links?

And that's my random post of the day. Tell me what you think. Whatever we decide in the comments section will be the terms for this new RX feature.

PSST! Forgot to add this in: If you want to participate, email me, email me, email me! reviewerx (at)!


Nurin said...

I think that'd be fair ;)

It's a great idea

Steph said...

Thanks RR! :)

Elainareads said...

Thats an awesome idea!!! =D

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I think it sounds really cool, and it's nice to mix things up a bit. I don't have any new ideas or anything. :)

Amee said...

I like the idea and I'd definitely include a link in my about me section.

I'm not sure how it would unfair or anything. It sounds like you're just trying to get to know your fellow reviewers better, not shamelessly advertising for them. It would be nice to know more behind the scenes.

We read and promote the books for authors for relatively nothing other than getting to read the books and sometimes chat with them. I think it's great you want to give us the recognition we deserve. Unfortunately the authors we are promoting don't always give us the recognition they probably should so I love this idea.

One question, though, would you let me interview you? It would only be fair that you have your own share of the spotlight somewhere down the line. ;)

Steph said...

Lauren, I have so many ideas for tihs blog, it's not even funny :) Seriously. I have stuff planned for Labor Day, in September. If this blog does well, I may get to have some very exciting news on here!

Elaina -- Thanks!

Ambeen -- couldn't agree more. Though reading itself is pretty awesome. The most rewarding thing in being a reviewer is getting emails from authors who're interested in you for a review of their work XD

And SURE! I'd love to be interviewed at some point :) Thanks for asking! We'll discuss it more via email.

Thanks for all the awesome support from everyone!

Khy said...

I think that's an awesome idea. I bet anyone would gladly link to it in their 'About Me'.

Heather said...

That is an incredible idea. I'm so drawn out for ideas right now besides a contest I'm trying to get started but still need books for. I'm trying to get some more books and do little things for them but I can't think of what. You're a really great reviewer. I'd love to do this!

Unknown said...

That is so nice, you rock! I have been trying to make me up a blog but it haven't been going well, lol. I would love to link your blog to mine, and would love if you would do the same. Your blog is great! My blog is

Steph said...

Heyyy everyone (again!)

Frenetic -- that's nice to know! Thanks :D

Heather -- you're too kind. *hugs* Thanks, and I'll email you shortly.

Tempestt -- no problem at all! Added you. Thanks for the nice comments!!

You guys are the coolest XD


Anonymous said...

Awesome Idea! HOw could it not be fair it only takes a few seconds to do?!

Unknown said...

I think it's a great idea, even though I'm not a reviewer (hope you don't mind that I'm crashing your party to comment). As an author, I'm trying to get to know the reviewers better too.

I agree that you are all doing a phenomenal job and deserve to be recognized (I think plenty of authors would agree). And that's not just me kissing up (honest!). I even link from my blog to reviewers who may not have been all happiness and joy over my book. In fact, if you're not on my ROCKIN' REVIEWERS sidebar and would like to be, please drop me a line (ditto if you'd like to review the book and don't have a copy yet...I'll see what I can do).

Keep on keepin' on, X!


Anonymous said...

You already know my thoughts on this. I think that's definitely a fair and fun idea.

Also, I just noticed that I am not in your list of fellow reviewers. This saddens me greatly. I hope you'll add me soon.

It's been great chatting with you via email!! :) I hope we continue to do it.

Steph said...

Carol -- Well, you never know. Some people might not like it too much.. I don't know! I guess if you don't like it, you can just not participate :)

Alexa -- Please! You can drop in anytime you want :D And thanks for recognizing all our work--it's great to hear it coming from an author :D

BC -- omg, I haven't added you yet??? Just did. :) And I loved the fellow reviewers thing, so I stole it. hehe. Yes, I've been having a great time too! We need to make it a regular thing :)


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Steph, that's awesome you have so many ideas, and i'm sure you'll get to do them seems like your blog is ALREADY a huge success. It's great to have future ideas as well. I have a for everyone be on the lookout for that. :)

Liv said...

ooh! That sounds quite cool! I'd love to get to know more people and I'd definitely link to it under my about me section. That's a great idea.

Chelsie said...

That sounds fair to me...

The whole idea is fabulous. I love it so much...

Te amo,

Liviania said...

I think it's a fabulous idea. It's creative and a chance to get to know more people. (I love reading reviews, so I jump at a chance to find more review blogs.)

If you did interview me, I would be completely fine with posting a link in the "About Me" section. It would be far more informative than what I have there now.

Becky said...

What a great idea :)

B said...

That's a great idea, and I would def put you in my about me section or somewhere to have people check you out. I would even do a promo blog for you, or would like to have you guest blog. That'd be super cool. :)

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