Sunday, June 14, 2009

BEA Recap: To Khy, from David Levithan

The sound's not great...ugh. Sorry, Khy, but the room was BUSTLING and I tried my best!


I, Steph from, LOVE Megan McCafferty.
Khy over at LOVES David Levithan.

Awhile ago, Khy went to a Megan McCafferty signing and got Megan on video saying hi to me.

A few weeks back I was in NYC for BEA and, since I was in town, went to an author signing put together by some fellow bloggers, and David Levithan was present.

What could I do BUT make Khy a video?



Unknown said...

I'm sure Khy is just having hyperventilating with happiness right now XD

That was really sweet of you to do that, BTW!

WhatBriReads said...

Aw that's really sweet :D

BookChic said...

Oh that's awesome! That's so sweet of you (and David) to do. I know Khy will be talking about this for years to come, hehe.

Lianne said...

how cool!

Khy said...


BEST VIDEO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*and again*

*fourth time watching*



(I will have to pay you back for this. Let's hope John Green comes to my town again.)

Heidi R. Kling said...

That's so cool.

suzie townsend said...

haha! that's awesome :) very cool :)

ali :) said...

Eeee! That's so amazingly cool! :D

Lots of love, love, love!

Unknown said...

Yay Khy! That was awesome!

Kate at Read This Book! said...

That's so sweet of you to record this video Steph! :] So cool!

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