Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Okay, so, exciting news: There's a new Sarah Dessen networking site, official and all, called Sarah-land.

Got SD books on your wishlist? There will be giveaways!

Want to know more about SD or her books? There will be special, exclusive content written by Sarah herself for the site.

Want to celebrate your Sarah-love? Gogogo!


I know SD has a huuuuge fan base (and not only among the bloggers!), so this is a fantabulous initiative to bring this-kind-of-awesome people together. Hope to see you there :)

P.S. I was the first member on Sarah-land. First! This makes me happy.


Lenore said...

You are a trendsetter!

Would you join Lenore-land?

Steph said...

L, actually J is the trendsetter, but you can BET I'd not only join Lenore-land, I would be the one creating it AND advocating it.

You don't get more loving than that!

Barbara said...

Hmm I haven't read her so I think I'll go check to see if the library has it.

Steph said...

Barbara - Well, by becoming a member you are automatically entered to win an arc of her latest, Along for the Ride. So I def recommend joining!

Amee said...

I was the second member! It made me feel special to see that. I was sure a thousand others would have already joined. :p

Leah:) said...

I joined! Trend-setter, much? jk, lol!


Elizabeth said...

I wasn't cool enough to be so early on the bandwagon, but I will bask in your'all's coolness.

Thanks for posting about this!

Leah:) said...

Hey, steph? where'd you get that thing for Sarah-Land on your sidebar??

Anonymous said...

I haven't read a single book by her. I just bought 'Just Listen' though, haven't read it yet, but I am quite eager to read it.

Ms. Yingling said...

It's blocked through our school! Ugh! I really want to read this one.

Elizabeth said...

I'm a big fan of Just Listen, violetcrush.

Ms. Yingling, that is so, so sad. Doesn't your school want you to learn?!!

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