Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What Book Was It, Again???

Okay I just read a book that triggered my memory about another book and now I can't pinpoint what Triggered Book was and I think I might have OCD because it's driving me crazy. So maybe my fellow avid readers can help me out here! I swear, since this reviewing thing got - well, intense - I haven't had my usual great memory with every last detail in every last book.



I try to forget, but this non-knowledge, this inability to recall ANYTHING, makes me loco.

(Why yes, I do have issues. How 'bout you?)

So anyway, I don't remember the context, I don't remember the setting, I don't remember the release-date time period, I don't remember--let's just say I don't remember anything other than the fact the book had a cheer squad whose name was like Hornettes or something. And the name was ever-changing because of the provocative cheers they came up with. Like, Horny Horny (something).



Chelsea said...

I think it's Speak! By Laurie Halse Anderson. They changed their name from the Wombats to the Hornets, etc.

That took a whiiiile for me to remember. I was OCDing over it for the past 5-10 minutes, too, after I read this. :p

Steph said...



It makes perfect sense now. I KNEW it was a well-known book. In fact, I even remember reading a review somewhere that mentioned that. You have no idea how much it's driven me looney - thanks for putting my OCD to sleep. It shall rise again in about 2 minutes but until then ... !


Alea said...

I saw the movie Speak and it totally had me sobbing!

Steph said...

Come on now, Speak was ... I really should review it sometime. One of those Books That Marked Me.

A.S. King said...

Yes. I just reread it. It's SPEAK all right. And I do believe Laurie said in the interview in back that it was actually based on the true mascot name of her own school.

Alea said...

I should probably read it but I hate depressing books, movies are easier because they don't last as long, only temporary pain.

Steph said...

Amy - ooo must hunt down that interview. Or maybe it's at the back of the book? I have that premium edition or whatever [only bought it this year >.<] and they included a lot of extras.

Alea - You know what, you cannot be reading (emailing you the name) before Laurie. It's just Not Done.


A.S. King said...

Yes, it's in the back of the book. :)

Carolina said...

Steph, when are you going to post a snarky review? I miss them.

Steph said...


Carol - one is coming. Promise :) Glad you miss 'em, though. I do, too!


Alea said...

If I MUST read Speak, YOU MUST post for me a MUST READ list, part of the work is already done! So far you have Boys Next Door, Speak, and Looking for Alaska. DO IT! I'm sure I'm not the only one that wants this list! do it do it do it do it! :D

Emily said...

Looking for Alaska is amazing, Speak is unbelievable. Love books (:

Anonymous said...

Great, can't wait! Hope you go all out. :)

Gabbi said...

I can't watch the Speak movie anymore. It's too weird knowing that girl is Bella Swan!

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