Sunday, November 9, 2008

Okay, Help With this Elizabeth Scott Thing

Hello, people! I'm putting together this thing in December. One of the participants is Elizabeth Scott, author of enough books to give Meg Cabot a run for her money (considering Elizabeth's been in the YA arena for like a year and some months) - I'm sure you know who she is. So, yeah, we're emailing back and forth and we're trying to put together something fresh! sparkling! fantastic! for this thing I'm organizing (it's all very hush-hush right now) and drawing up a blank because Elizabeth uses her creativity on her BOOKS and other AUTHORLY AWESOME THINGS and I SUCK at creativity, so between the two of us, it's not working out very well.

SO. In theme of Living Dead Girl, does anyone have any topic ideas for a guest blog they'd like to see Elizabeth tackle? (The sky's the limit, honestly. If Elizabeth is nonplussed with my certified weirdo tendencies, I seriously doubt anything you come up with shall take her abacketh.) (Um, well, thinking back over it, given the premise of the novel, please don't shoot for Too Creepy To Fathom.) 

Or, does anyone have any burning questions for Elizabeth (about LIVING DEAD GIRL, very important) they'd like to see answered? (Don't just email her because she's very nice and will just email you back with the response which defeats the purpose of an interview.) We might use it for a guest blog topic or do an interview or come up with something brand-spanking new that outshines everything else in the known universe with its brilliancy.

Seriously: HELP. You shall like what you get in return :) (Or so I like to think.)

Comments; email messages; telepathy - it all helps. The first two more than the latter, but okay.


Anonymous said...

Maybe a guest blog on how she did research on Living Dead Girl, or umm... did she have nightmares while writing Living Dead Girl?

Well hope those help. Can't wait to see what you're organizing!

Anonymous said...

Or maybe she can write a guest blog in Alice's/Kyla's POV on how her parents reacted to her when she finally went back home.

Steph said...

Carol - I was thinking that but Elizabeth's talked about that enough on other blogs (even she admits to this). Here's the downside to a good thing - Elizabeth's got GREAT web presence, especially for us bloggers, which is a great resource, but when you shoot for something purely original, it becomes harder to attain. I'm not giving up though!



Steph said...

Re: Your second comment: Hmm - see, I don't think she'd go for that because I think she's happy with where she left the story off. And also, a continuation like that is a bit iffy because it's original storytelling and I'm sure she'd rather have it properly published than posted on a blog. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

Amee said...

I wish I had already read Living Dead Girl. Why didn't they release it in paperback!? It would make much more sense for how small it is. Maybe that could be a question--ask if she can explain the strategy behind making a -200 page book hardcover (and thus more expensive for less content) instead of paperback.

Khy said...

*scratches head*

Uhm, yeah. I lack in the creativity department, so I've got nothing. Maybe ask her about how she managed to fit so much awesome in so few pages?*

I'll keep thinking about this rather than do my religion project.

*Kidding, of course. Maybe.

WannabeWriter said...

Ummm. I would ask if the ending was one she'd had in mind from the beginning or whether it was a spur-of-the-moment decision? And I would ask her why she used the name "Alice" as one for the victims.

:] Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

>_< If i think of something, I'll let you know!
*slams head*
Where has my imagination gone =[

Anonymous said...

Ask her which real-life abduction cases inspired LDG and why. Ask her to write a post on the Jon Benet Ramsey case or Elizabeth Smart.

Sarah Woodard said...

I just did a review of Living Dead Girl. I linked this post. So I hope someone creative comes along. I am still thinking on the book, but if I get a question about Living Dead Girl. I'll send it your way.

Steph said...

Thank you so much everyone! I'll keep all of that in mind.

And, also, thank you Sarah - you totally didn't have to do that and I very much appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I read this book and seriously could not put it down! While I was reading it I wondered to myself what would Elizabeth Smart's reaction had been if she had read this book. I'm pretty much 100% positive that she wouldn't. It was hard on me, so I can't imagine why she would even want too. I suppose my curious side of me wants to know some of those disturbing stories that she uncovered while researching for the book.

Tashya said...

What about something she learned while researching the book about any effective ways of teaching kids to protect themselves from abductors? As a parent, I'd love some tips--this is my worst nightmare!

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