Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ode to Nice Publicists

I’m afraid I will butcher
Convention, meter, rhyme scheme,
And, OMG, grammar...
Sorry for this poetic sepulcher

A Nice Publicist description:
Responds to his or her email,
Is cordial, bubbly, funny,
Works in YA fiction
They do their job so, so well,
That the blogging world,
Without them,
Would surely be hell

Now comes the part
Where I say “thanks”
Because the way you
Treat bloggers is an art

(That was so cheesy
But way better than
Me saying something like,
“You’re off the heezy!”)

And, also, this just for
A certain publicist:
Thanks for sending abroad
To me and to Lenore
(Like—honestly—for real
No better way to make us squeal!)

Have a nice Thanksgiving
And when you get back—
Send me some books
So I can keep on living?

(For the record,
I didn’t mean this to
Be creepy
Oh, wait, maybe I did...
I don’t know, I’m sleepy.)

The well/hell part was based on a stanza L helped me by providing, which I changed to fit the overall poem. Thanks for the help, L! :)

Even though I said YA, I want to make it clear I was only trying to make it fit into this wacko meter I have going on. There are nice publicists everywhere - YA/MG/Children's and Adult alike. I'm sure no blogger (or author) can dispute a nice publicist makes all the difference. Personally, I don't think they get nearly enough recognition for their benevolence, so here this is. Not that I think any publicists will actually SEE it, but it's the thought that counts, right? :)

Have a nice Thanksgiving everyone!


Lenore Appelhans said...

Happy thanksgiving everyone! And we really do appreciate all you publicists and your hard work (should you happen to wander over and read this genious poem of Steph's) - it is a pleasure to work with you.

Amee said...

Great poem Steph! You could totally write a book in free verse if you wanted. ;)

Emily said...

I second this poem (: Hhaha well done Steph!

Anonymous said...

Great!!!!!!!! I loved this!!

Anonymous said...

I contacted yesterday and she was a total meanie (word can be replaced with something else ;]) So freakin unbelievable. Totally ruined my funk.

But then there was these other 2 who were nice (before), different pub houses.

Steph said...

Thanks, guys :)

Anon @ 2:43 - that really, really sucks, but you know, it happens. These are regular people, after all, with different personalities. Maybe you caught her in a bad day? It's crappy to treat other people badly either way. Luckily, mean publicists have been kept at a minimum for me. May I suggest you contacting someone else at that house? They usually have more than one publicist :)

Nurin said...

Yay for nice publicists >_< what would we ever do without them?

Anonymous said...

how do u get publicist emails?

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