Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Feel The Need To Horrify You

Okay, so in spirit of NaNo, my writing buddies and I went through the earliest works we had saved on our hard drive. I have stuff dating earlier than this - MUCH earlier - but this is the first that I posted online. I wrote this when I was 11. It sucks ass, this I know, but like it says in the title - I feel the need to horrify you.

"BYE ELI!" I shouted from my doorstep, at my boyfriend, Eli Carter. He was leaving for the night. We had been studying for the big chem finals tomorrow. Eli is just about the smartest guy I know, so that's why I asked him to help me. Usually my girlfriend Lina helps me. She's class valedictorian. Eli is the replcement if she fails or something.

--Next Morning--

"And I blue chevrolet was found yesterday with a boy inside, name Eli Carter. Apparently it was a hit and run accident, and by the looks of it, Eli was hit by a drunk driver. He died immediately. Any news on the drunk driver please call local police at 555-7654. And now, back to our #1 track, Funny Doesn't Begin to Cover It, by 50 Cent. He finally started singing something useful!"

Uh-oh. This could not be my Eli. Not my Eli! NOT MY ELI!

"MOM!!!!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. Not my Eli! Not my Eli!

"Yes, Kate!" my mom shouted back, apparently not hearing the horrifying news.

"MOM! TURN ON THE NEWS!" I shouted back. I didn't think I could move... at all. My Eli. NOT my Eli. Not my 3-year-old boyfriend... not my super hot and friendly 17 year old boyfriend... not him!

"Katie-James Thompson, tell me what's going on NOW!" my mom shouted back, sounding irritated!

"I heard on the radio that an Eli Carter was found dead. Is it my Eli? MY ELI? Is it him?"

"Honey.. I will turn it on. One sec."

She came down to the living room, where I was, and turned on the TV. The second she turned it on, the news lady said, "A boy, Eli Carter, was found dead yesterday returning from his girlfriend's. Katie-James Thompson, house. He was hit by a drunk driver, a fellow classmate, Cody Jackson."

My world started spinning. I then blacked out.

So yeah. It's amazing, the difference 3 years can have. At the very least, my grammar's better now!


Alea said...

You wrote that when you were 11? Wow! I wouldn't even have the patience to try and formulate a story!

Steph said...

Wow? WOW?!


Kelsey said...

Well, it isn't THAT bad. I mean we could understand it. I'm with Alea, I was too busy running around with the neighborhood kids to have the time and the patience to write, especially since I didn't even read very much then. So, yeah, kudos for actually writing it, Steph. Is there more to the story?

Alea said...

I will admit not too hot on the story, but you wrote something! I couldn't even stand to do that now, at my current age!

Amee said...

I'm with everyone else. I was still playing with my Barbies or riding my bike up and down the road to actually sit and write anything. I read a lot but usually at night after all my playing was done. lol

Anyway, I think that was pretty good for an 11 year old. I bet if you compared it to samples of writing from other 11 year olds it would be infinitely superior. ;)

Unknown said...

Aww! I think for 11 it's actually pretty cute.

Rae said...

(see my latest post on heretherebe...)

Anonymous said...

umm....yeah not the greatest but who am i to say anything right?

and wow your only 14! Wayyyyy younger then I thought, which was at least 16-17.

Steph said...

Haha not the greatest is very nice in terms of this. Personally I'd go right on to say it's my worst ever. Or one of my worst TYPED things ever. (Before I messed with the computer, I was quite crafty with paper and pencil. Ah, the memories of character names I used to have...) :)

And nooo, I'm neither of those, I'm actually 15 :)

(Still much to learn.)


Reader Rabbit said...

Awww. That's so cute for an 11 year old =D.

I don't even want to think of things I wrote when I was 11. I have things typed from when I was 12/13 but that's pretty much it.

And they're disgusting

Mary said...

I love all the SHOUTING! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man ... this brings back the memories. I wrote a story when I was 11, too. It was basically a mix of the"Love Stories" series and the dirty parts of "Forever..."

Yeah, it was pretty bad.

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