Friday, October 3, 2008

Here's Your Chance To Bitch About Me

I've been blogging for six months now. That's longer than some people are married. I feel accomplished. :)

However, I'd love to hear people's opinions of my blog. I mean, I do feel the love every now and then by comments or emails or landing on very awesome people's lists of blogs they love etc (you guys are an inspiration <3), but I'm interested to see if there's anything you think could be better or if you have any criticism. (There must be some!)

So! While I'm open to constructive criticism pretty much 24/7, I'd say "this is your chance" to give me some. Please be *constructive* about it though - say whatever you want, but please please don't be hateful. :)

Generally I'm interested in knowing - what do you like best about the blog? Worst? How are the reviews working out for you? Anything you'd like to see more of? Less? Do you mind the frequent discussion posts? General comments?

Anonymous comments, signed comments (I won't hate you, I promise. I'm levelheaded, despite indications of the contrary!), or emails are all welcome and appreciated. Authors, too! Anyone!

Thanks in advance :)

*yes I changed the title. I like this one better.


Amee said...

Well you know I have nothing but love for the Stephster. I love your reviews, you make me laugh! I also love the discussions. More discussions, I say. ;)

Lenore Appelhans said...

My only criticism? I want more! Can you please post at least 5 times a day? ;)

anilee said...

Oh, I love your blog lots. It's one of my favorites. Your reviews are totally honest and thorough, and then I love that you have discussions (although I forget to read them).

The worst thing about your blog is the layout. It's kind of drab and honestly doesn't seem to fit your blog. But your blog really has some of the best content in the book blogging world.

Steph said...

Amee & L - you two make me so very happy. <3 I have a feeling random emails will start popping up in your inboxes soon...

Anilee - Thanks!! :) I'm glad you like the blog, and actually I fully agree with your comment about the layout. Personally, I hate it. My brother's a web designer and I'm having him make me a better one for Christmas. This one just isn't very... good. Like you said :)

Again: thanks for the comments so far! While I am looking for stuff to improve on, I can't say I wasn't hoping for some positive to sprinkle in :) You're all the best <3


Alea said...

Yes i agree! MORE! More reviews and more discussions, more everything! And I actually don't mind your layout, much much better than being cluttered with crap and really distracting backgrounds. It's all about the content itself!

Must talk this weekend about me actually getting an email back from a publicist wanting to offer me books, squeal!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I think you are one of the best reviewers because you do a great job of telling the good and bad about a book without holding anything back. Also, I love your
"Food For Thought" topics.

The only criticism I have is I want more reviews. Also, the background is kind of boring and dull.

WannabeWriter said...

I love your blog. It's really interactive, with the discussion posts. Plus you're really thoughtful in a blunt & hilarious way. It's great that you don't only have very honest & well-written reviews, but you make it really easy to leave a comment. :]

My only complaint would be ... hmm ... I know you have a life and all, but I, like everyone else, would really like more.


Unknown said...

I'd love it if you could post more, too!

I don't know what else....maybe more pictures? You honestly do such a good job I can't even nitpick.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Steph, you're pretty much perfect in every way. It makes me feel so inadequate. You actually post frequently, which is ridiculously impressive. There are about, I don't know, three or four Reviewer X posts for every nineseveneight post. (And there are TWO of us! Augh!) As someone who book blogs and knows how hard it can be to keep up (well, it is for me, anyway), I'm really in awe of your skillz.
The one thing I don't like, which a few other people also seem to agree with, is the layout. Not so much the attractiveness of it, but the readability of it-- I like your review structure, but sometimes it's a little awkward within the formatting of the post. (In terms of readability-- like, sometimes the headings are confusing or strangely placed, that sort of thing.) I'm not sure if I explained that right. I hope so.

Renay said...

I can't comment on the layout! I actually forgot what it looked like. I always read from google reader. Woe. :(

Meanwhile, you're awesome! You're my favorite YA blogger. My blog aspires to be as awesome as yours when it grows up. requesting more snarky book commentary allowed? Because if so, my vote totally goes there.

Steph said...

You guys are too much *hugs to all*

While I do appreciate the fact Alea doesn't think the layout reeks, I acknowledge that I need a new one. *sigh* Oh brother dearie, how I wish you would hurry it up. =/

About everyone who commented they wanted more - haha, I'll assume you mean more reviews, as I think the randomness can only stand to be diminished :) I'm flattered there's a demand of sorts, and will work at it. I need to quit browsing and get reading!

As a final note: Renay, hahaha that made me laugh, but while I do love me some snark, I try to keep it as ... contained, shall we say, as possible. Don't want it to be gratuitous :)

Thanks again for all the comments!!

PS: Eli, you did not go there. Inadequate?! Aella and I were just talking the other day about how it's intimidating to even LOOK at your and Rae's blog because it's just to look at it. :P

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, as I'm sure you already know since I say it in almost every comment I leave (or, well, it's implied).

I'm fine with the layout, but I do think it could be better.

I also would like more discussions, but I know how hard it can be to come up with those sorts of things.

Also, can I get random emails from the awesomeness that is you? :)

Renay said...

Well, I was only half kidding...or perhaps 3/4 kidding. I'm not trying to turn you into the Yahtzee of the YA community or anything. ;)

Chelsea said...

As you already know, I loooove your blog. You rock. You're pretty much the best teenage YA reviewer out there, blahblahblah. I'll spare you the gush.

But I absolutely love your snark (even when it's applied to books I like, because it's just plain hilarious) and the guts you have when it comes to being honest about a book you don't like. Plus, you're damn smart. Youz gots lyke, gud vocab n stuff.

Dislike? Um. That you're a temptress. You sometimes say stuff like "I just read the best book EVEEERRRR" and then don't tell us what it is until later. That's pure wickedness.

But that's pretty much it. I know, not very helpful. But maybe I boosted your ego a bit? And you'll keep doing what you're doing? That would be nice.


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