Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Waiting on Wednesday (2)

Waiting on Wednesday = feature started by Jill at Breaking the Spine to celebrate forthcoming books. Cool, no? 

This week, my voice will be a little...different. I'm taking an abstract approach to the "waiting", because this book isn't even contracted for publication yet. I'm holding out though - it sounds fantabulous (first time I've used that word, ever).

Unwritten by Jackson Pearce (That's Jackson to the right, by the by.)
Welcome to the Library of Unwritten Books! Here you’ll find all the books that have yet to be penned—until we ship them to their authors, of course. Check out the Bestseller Room—books destined for greatness. Of course, there’s also the Busy Room—books whose authors are “too busy” to write them, and the No Longer Room—books whose authors are, sadly, no longer with us.

There’s just one rule here: Don’t read the merchandise. There’s a careful balance of creativity in the world, and if an Unwritten Book got out…well. Let’s not think about that.

For fourteen-year-old Emmy Faber, the Library is just a summer job that’ll pay for the sunroom roof she destroyed in a reputation-scarring accident. She’s especially qualified to work at the Library, since she hates reading. And hey, it’s infinitely better than flipping burgers.

When a book from the Bestseller room falls open and Emmy catches a few phrases, she unexpectedly finds herself interested. Hidden behind the shelves of the Not Quite Room (books that aren’t quite good enough to be published), Emmy reads the book cover to cover. And then reads another book. And another.

Emmy hides her reading-secret well, until she loans one of the Unwritten Books out to her friend-- and sorta ex-boyfriend-- Ash, who promptly loses it. When Emmy confesses to the Head Librarian, he halts the Library’s shipping department and informs Emmy that unless the book is found and returned in one week, the library will be forced to stop shipments for good.

While the rest of the world is abuzz with authors retiring and literature at a standstill, the Unwritten Book emerges as a bestseller. Emmy and Ash race against the Head Librarian's deadline, further destroying their reputations and struggling to rekindle their dying friendship, all in an attempt to steal the book from its fake-author and restore the creative balance before new literature becomes a thing of the past.

Further info here.

The first thing that caught my attention was the title. I am a fan of the song by Natasha Bedingfield that was way overplayed two years ago (it was even *shudder* The Hills's theme). Most people are like, "Natasha who?" now, but I still remember her (and her debut) vividly.

Second, the fact it's set in a library. I'd recently finished "Magic for Beginners" (short story, not collection) by Kelly Link, which was a befuddling story in and of itself, but the library aspect to it truly captivated me.

And then there's the premise. You can't tell me it's not fucking awesome because it is.

Never talked to Jackson. She'll prolly find me creepy for singling this out rather than her debut, AS YOU WISH (HarperCollins, Fall 2009), but...yeah. Me? I'm just looking forward to when it's bought and ARCs are ready that I can jack politely ask for from the publisher. I reckon it'll happen sometime or another. :)


Alea said...

That does sound cool! Libraries... I'm there!

Unknown said...

I'm loving the concept!

Anonymous said...

I love the concept! I'm friends with her on livejournal, but I don't think I've actually read a full synopsis for it yet.

I hope it gets sold soon- I'd love to get an ARC of this too.

Have you seen Jackson's vlogs yet? They're awesome.

Also, Jackson is thrilled that you're talking it up, at least according to her LJ entry this morning!

Anonymous said...

Oh and I still know who Natasha is- I love her new song "Pocketful of Sunshine". :)

Lenore Appelhans said...

High concept coolness! Will keep my fingers crossed that this gets a publisher. And if it does, she should thank you on her dedication page ;)

Amee said...

Sounds good! I'd definitely read it. A book about books? Can't get much better.

Anonymous said...

This book does sound pretty good. The story line of the books sounds like something i've never heard of, very unique.

I love Natasha Bedingfeld and all my friends and family know who she is. Mostly from the song she did with Sean Kingston. But she has a newer music video out called Angel and I love it.

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