Friday, October 31, 2008


Exams are OVER.

My last midterms as a sophomore are DONE WITH. Only next year, when I am a JUNIOR will I have more of this crap.


Since it's Halloween, and since I'm happy, I wanna do another Amaze Me post. I've got a greeeaaat selection to showcase in theme with Halloween but I'm worried if it'd be overkill to post another so soon. (Would it?)

At any rate, I'll be napping & reading for the next couple of hours - I'm so exhausted/deprived of fun. Gah.

So if I do another Amaze Me, it'll be in a few hours.

More later,


Alea said...

Congrats!! And no it isn't too early to do another. I'd be happy with one every day! LOL! I think a holiday is a good reason to do it, even if you just did one this week.

Amee said...

Yay! I love the weight that's lifted once finals are over. :P

Anonymous said...

Congrats! When finals come around I promise I will help you procrastinate on twitter like I did this time.;)

Diana Dang said...

//sobs// Lucky you, I am dreading grade 11. I am doing terrible in all of my courses. My beautiful straight A student is gone! Gone!

But congrats! >3<

Kelsey said...

Congrats!!! My first quarter of my school year ended today so that's exciting also. Only three left.

I hate exams, all though at my school, from what I had last year. They weren't all bad. But it's seems like you've been studying these forever. So yay! More reading and blogging!

Nurin said...

You lucky butt!
when do your finals start =p

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