Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Sunday Post

Ahhh I was following some blogs anonymously. Just turned some public, yay!

This week's PostSecret updation basically sucked. Where is the juice?!!?!?!? 

Downloaded Google Chrome - and I love it. Google rocks, people. If only they could incorporate the Category and Tag system WordPress has here on Blogger... I'd love to be able to "file" my posts away under one thing and then add a bunch of random tags. Labels are not enough for my OCD self!!


I'm working on my EXCELLENT book review. (View yesterday's hyperactive post for an explanation.) The excellent refers to the book, not the review. The review is coming along very badly. I think I have a problem expressing why I like something. But none when it comes to what I hate. 

It's most unnerving. 


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