Monday, October 13, 2008

So, Singular Bliss or Eternal Crap?

If you had to choose, would you pick ONE great book or an endless supply of, erm, subpar ones to read for the rest of your life? Like, no access to any other books - just the one or just the stink.

... my stream of thought is entirely to random for me to even fathom. I pity those who are in regular contact with me.


WannabeWriter said...

Um... endless supply of crap. At least you'll get an assortment of ideas and then maybe you'll be able to WRITE a Bliss Book.


I don't know.


Khy said...

That depends. How excellent is the great book? Would I tire of it easily? Can I obsess over it? How bad are the subpar ones? Are they so bad I want to kill myself or just bad enough that I'm disappointed? How long is the great book?

This is why I never play "Would You Rather?". I ask too many questions. xD

Chelsea said...

Well, if the Bliss book is extreeeeeeemely long (to the point where it takes my whole life to read it), then that one.

But rereading books bores me after a while. I can't imagine reading the same book over and over again.

Anyway, is it kind of horrible that I like that you're an insomniac? You get more reading/reviews/random-discussion-questions in.

Amee said...

One bliss book.

Unless of course the subpar books aren't subpar by my standards. If it's someone else choosing, then I might choose subpar. :P

Nurin said...

One bliss book.

Unless, like Amee said, the subpar books were chosen by someone else. Then I might love it ;)

Alea said...

I tent to find most crap ok. So that, plus i like choices and things in general :D I think I might have to give into Twitter if both you and Lenore are doing it!

Anonymous said...

The one amazing book.

I hate, hate, hate reading books that wasted my time or were kind of boring. I live for the really good books. I'm not really a rereader but i'd rather stop reading then read crap for the rest of my life. Especially when I can do other things I love as much as an awesome book, like scrapbooking or shopping.

Diana Dang said...

That is too hard! I rather read a lot of books but I don't like crap! Unless this bliss book is super amazing and goes on forever (but keeps you wanting to read more) then yea, I'll take that.

Anonymous said...

Endless supply of crap. But, then again, I'm a materialistic, greedy bitch :)

Kelsey said...

Like Chelsea said, Only if the book is like a trillion pages long and takes me my life time to read, but by then I think I'll be bored with the book entirely so, I'll probably go with the endless supply of crappy books.

Alea said...

I haven't read it...but basically War and Peace but good? Or maybe an encyclopedia size long book? Or you know what, maybe a choose your own adventure book!

Liz said...

omg, what a question!

Initial reaction is bliss book...but then I'm in agreement with wannabewriter...subpar will let you have loads of thoughts to write your own.

I like this, you are evil!

ellie_enchanted said...

I think I'd choose the one great book. I tend to reread a lot anyway, so I'd probably be happier obsessing about one.

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