Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jump the Cracks by Stacy DeKeyser


What would you do?

As far as I'm concerned, there's no excuse not to be decent...Especially when you're responsible for a kid.

It just figures that fifteen-year old Victoria's dad fails once again to be at the train station like he's promised.  Fuming, Victoria watches as a teen mom stashes her bruised little boy in the train's bathroom.  When the mom gets off the train alone, Victoria decides she has had it with all the poor excuses who call them selves parents.  Making a split-second decision, Victoria boards the next train out of town-taking the little boy with her.

No, really, what would you do?

Victoria's staying on the run until everyone responsible starts keeping their promises. This kid's not falling through the cracks. Not on her watch.

Grade: [Did Not Finish]

This isn’t a review because I didn’t finish the book. I can’t review a book I didn’t finish. I also can’t finish a book I don’t want to—doesn’t happen often, but here you have it—and I also can’t leave it on my pile as it’s here for a review.

Therefore, here you have it: the explanation.

The writing didn’t suck. It was competent enough.

William (or whatever his name ends up being) is portrayed quite well. You know, for a two-year-old whose words vary from “Da” to “’Lo”.

Everything else:
It’s not that the book is horrid. It just didn’t move. Nothing you didn’t already know from reading the back copy happens. The plot didn’t suck—it was simply poorly executed. As were the characters. As was the dialogue. This book would’ve benefitted from a lot of tightening, reevaluation of how plausible the plot was, and a pinch of excitement. Seriously—think of someone stuck in a desert for, say, three days, no water, no food, no anything. A little, itty bit of water would go a long way there, right?

But the single most annoying this was Victoria. She wasn’t likeable, and she wasn’t even intriguing to make up for it. She was whiny. Whinywhinywhiny, so much that if angst could be converted into energy power, a single minute of her suckier-than-thou attitude would, like, power Satan’s playpen for eons.

All of which would probably be filled with more of her incessant crap. >.<>

Implausible plot, impatient me.  

ETA: If the plot kinda sorta sounds like something you might want to read, Caroline B Cooney's Hush Little Baby was good, if I remember correctly. (Read it about three years ago. So if it sucks, it's my seventh grade taste at fault.)


YA Book Realm said...

lol I was just about to comment on the your post below about how boring books suck. I was going to comment and ask if your reading Hunger Games, (because I thought you were reading that next after Wake) which I loved and thought it was not boring at all.

And then out of nowhere this review (sort of) was posted. lol Anyhoo, wow this books bad huh? I actually wanted to read this (not badly) when I saw it on Amazon. I guess I won't be buying it...maybe borrow from library...or not.

Kelsey said...

Hmm...I have this on my wishlist....I just might take it off now. I hate whiny characters. Actually I hate whiny people. Real people. So, yeah, I might just end of taking this off my wishlist.

Amee said...

Were you trying to subtly give the book a D 'n F with the Did Not Finish thing? :P

Anyway, the description makes it sound like it could be good. From your review though, maybe a good idea without enough effort.

Anonymous said...

I love the cover, though.

Anonymous said...

So I went and looked this up on Amazon after reading your review and there are only 7 reviews, all of them 5 stars, lol.

I had never even heard of this book before, and figured it was probably a Flux title (I was right). I hope you don't totally give up on Flux though- there must be a good book in that Flux pile somewhere...

Good review though!

Anonymous said...

i loved this book i dont know at you guys are smoking but i read it in a day and i loved it and it was deff. not stupid...u guys are the dumb dont post a blog if u didnt even finish reading it u dipshit

Anonymous said...

Well i thought it was great.You dont know what you are talking about.Plus you did not finish it so you should not put up a review.Also Victoria is so not whiny.Would you be a little cranky if you were a 15 year old girl taking care of a child that was not even yours?

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