Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hardcover vs Paperback

Remember the discussion a while back? Well an author friend emailed me with a more detailed explanation of the pros and cons and the history, etc, of each. While I was formulating a post about that, Nathan Bransford up and posted one! (Way better than I ever would've.) 

So check his post out:


Alea said...

Good article! He didn't factor those of us that just HATE Hardcovers because they are bulking and poke us in the hands! LOL! :p

I'd love to see it all laid out how it's decided to go with paperback over hardcover vice versa, a case study for one book.

Amee said...

Interesting post. Seems like it would be smartest to start new authors in paperback to build an audience and then switch to hardback for future releases. Based on what he says anyway.

Kind of like how they did the cheap paperback of An Abundance of Katherines just a couple months before John Green's Paper Towns release in hardcover.

Diana Peterfreund said...

amee, that is a very common strategy for hard/soft releases. The paperback of the first book comes out right before the hardcover of the next, which propels sales for the hardcover because many readers won't want to wait for the author's next book. But remember, Abundance was hardcover first.

My first book was in hardcover, which gave a lot of press and attention to it so that when the paperback came out, it really propelled sales (became a Target bookclub pick, etc.). The rest of the series has been in trade paperback, which I think is an ideal format for the type of book.

See Nate's point about books breaking out once they get into paperback.

So sometimes the hardcover is an "advertisement" for the paperback, and sometimes the paperback is an advertisement for the hardcover of the next book.

Unknown said...

God, Nathan Bransford is such a fox.

Amee said...

I realize Abundance was hardcover first. I was just referring to the fact that they made it a much cheaper version of the paperback before hardcover thing. Plus it got hyped quite a bit more than I'm used to seeing in paperback releases of a book that's already received its hype through its hardcover release.

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