Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Anybody Got A Favorite Cliché?

* Thanks to those who commented (and emailed) telling me which book I should read next - sounds like Hunger Games won! (Wake being the one after that, and Suite Scarlett after that. Great line up, no?) 

Oh and for further updates: Guess who's participating in her school's fashion show tomorrow? Me! I have no idea how I wound up on the list (I didn't sign up) but yeah, guess I'm in it. Fitting was yesterday and the dress makes me look like a golden pineapple. I'll post pictures of the show (and me *gasp* modeling) later.

Okay. Now for the discussion post.

A lot (read: myself included) complain about books with familiar plots, elements, characters, etc, especially if what happens falls under the category of stereotypical. My question is - what's your take on stereotypes? What about clichés? Annnnnd: what's your FAVORITE cliché? 


Eli said...

I think my favorite cliche is girl-meets-boy-girl-hates-boy-girl-falls-for-boy. I hate sweet romances. I need some hate/fighting/snarkiness thrown in, otherwise I feel a bit like vomiting. (Star-crossedness works too. To make me not vomit, I mean. If you make them really miserable and serious, it negates the cutesy-sweet factor.)

Steph said...

Definitely, Eli. Good one. I also love the best-guy-friend-is-the-right-guy-all-along which comes after trials and tribulations with Mr. Wrong. But for THIS, I need a very authentic storyline. Coming from experience in liking one of my best guy friends, I know it takes some gut to become "something more" and risk the friendship.


Amee said...

I think I'm pretty okay with most cliches and stereotypes.

The only one I can think of that gets old is the one where the girl is a photographer/painter/whateverer and is only painting or taking pictures of crap. Then she finally realizes in the end that it's people that are important and worth capturing on canvas or film.

I've seen that one several times. It was fine the first couple times but now I just roll my eyes.

WannabeWriter said...

Just like Eli said, I love the cliche romances. I love any romance, stereotypical or not. My favorite cliche is the emo-like love interest - the dark haired brooding sort of guy who is gorgeous and perfect but has a "troubled past". & I like best-friend and hot-guy love triangles. And ... I also like the cliche of a polar opposite best friend.


Aprilynne Pike said...

I like love triangles. Ages old and still appealing to readers everywhere.;)

Oh, and yes, yes, yes, read Hunger Games!! I couldn't put it down. i was stirring dinner and reading at the same time. SOOO GOOD!!!!

Anonymous said...

Favorite cliche: romance with best friend's brother

Least favorite cliche: mysteriously larger and moodier mother/sister who turns out to be pregnant at the end

Anonymous said...

Ahh. I love most romance cliches. My favorite ones are the falling-for-best-guy-friend and when a girl falls for the "bad" book who has a past but is really pretty sweet. (Think Wes and Owen from Sarah Dessen's novels. LOVE them.)

Unknown said...

I think any cliche can be okay as long as it's done right. Some authors do the same things over and over that by the time you're ten pages into the newest book you know exactly where the story is going.

My favorite, though, is the "they hate each other so much that they have to fall in love". If it's good enough for Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy and Harry and Sally it's good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Verla Kay's blueboards have a great topic on this, where everyone has listed their favorite cliches.

Simply_Megan said...

I love all the romance cliches, but only if they're done right.

I'm also a big fan of happy endings--what can I say? : )

Kelsey said...

ditto ditto ditto!!!!

My favorite is either, the girl falls for the bad boy or the girl falls for the ultimate good guy.

But I kinda hate the love triangles.

Gabbi said...

Girl loves popular boy from afar. Girl's best guy friend not-so-secretly adores her. Girl gets makeover. Girl gets popular boy. Popular is a jerk, occasionally likes popular girl. Girl realizes what was there all along and kisses best guy friend - usually in the last chapter.

Read it a million times and I still go, "Awwwww."

Steph said...

Heh Gabbi, I mentioned that in the second comment - LOVE that :D

Oh and Anon - thanks for that link! Very cool!


Alea said...

These are too good, I can't pick just one!!!!!!!!

Carolina said...

I agree with Eli. Girl meets boy, hates him, then falls in love with him. Or the girl falls for best friend.

Anonymous said...

I never get tired of the old "how the heck did we end up making out?" scenario, when an unlikely couple falls on the couch and kisses until their lips turn purple. I love make-out scenes. I love reading them, writing them, and living them. Preferably while "Making Out" by No Doubt plays in the background.

Anonymous said...

I adore all cliches, as long as the writing is of good quality. It's always good to read stories with an added twist to the usual cliche. Too much fluffyness and too little drama or event of any sort ... Unfortunately, not a fan of those!

But, most definitely, some favourite cliches must be: Falling for best friend's brother or brother's best friend; Love/Hate; Girl falls for bad boy (who likes her back at the end!); etc.

Caroline said...

Like Steph (and then several others) said, my favorite cliche is where the girl falls for the best guy friend: or, more specifically, the best guy friend who is
-very smart
-usually dark-haired, glasses-wearing
-either in a band or very into music
-mildly geeky
-nicer than everyone else in the book, especially the main character who makes him sad by neglecting him for half the book on behalf of the hot guy.

This may sound very specific for a cliche, but it applies to many many many YA novels. And it never gets old to me! ever! EVER! I could read about a hundred best friend guys with sekrit obvious crushes and never get sick of them. Oh, Will of Memoirs of A Teenage Amnesiac. Oh, Oliver, one of the only good reasons for reading Blue Bloods (the first book, at least). Oh Simon even though I like Jace Better. Oh whats-his-name from You, Maybe by Rachel Vail. Oh... I wish I could come up with better examples.


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