Wednesday, July 2, 2008


God, okay, so I picked up a book last night to read.

And it's excellent.

And it makes my heart sing in joy.
Because of it's excellency.


Okay done talking in single-sentence paragraphs, haha. I won't tell you which book it is because I want to see if it's excellent all the way through. That way, should I give it a scathing review, people won't be like, "But you said you loved it!" Also, if the author reads my blog (which I doubt they do, but alas), I want them to be pleasantly surprised when I email them at dawn going "OMG YOUR BOOK IS THE BEST FUCKING THING EVERRRRRRRRR!"

So this makes for two GREAT books I've read in the past week. Paper Towns and now this. Which begs the question:

What excellent, omglikewhoa book(s) are you reading right now?


Amee said...

Well, I'm not reading anything omgamazing right now, but UPS just delivered my B&N order of Stop in the Name of Pants and QoB3! So I'll be reading those amazing books this holiday weekend. Watch a little fireworks and read some great books inbetween. :D

P.S. Love the new look!

alison ashlee said...

Did I ever mention that I adore this site to death? Love, love, love.

I can't wait to see your reviews on the two books! Actually, with every review, I'm darn excited and sit here avidly gazing at the screen ... Now, how creepy does that sound? :P

Books, books, books. I currently have a huge TBR pile. No books that I'm fully, fully, fully in love with just yet. I didn't actually realise I even had that many books to read on that huge pile. I sort of have a bad habit of reading other books before those ones, even though they may have been sitting there for awhile, and should have been read first.

Can't wait to see more soon!

Elainareads said...

OMG I really really really want to read Paper Towns. Right now I'm reading How to Be Bad by EL, SM and LM, its good but prolly not as awesome as what your reading. I have a whole list of books lined up for this weekend hopefully I can find and omgamazing one.


Heather said...

you can't be freakin serious. YOU have a copy of Paper Towns????????????? You know, I don't think I can talk to you ever again. That just angers me. I NEED that book. It's like...air. Seriously. I'm very mad that you have it. Very angry.

But to answer your question, I'm reading How To Build a House and it's absolutely spectacular!!! My review for it should be up in about a week or so (we actually have quite a few reviews coming soon, finally).

btw, love the new look. It's great!


Alea said...

I recently finished Audrey, Wait and Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging which were both really good! Right now I'm reading Violet On the Runway, which is also great so fun. So jealous about Paper Towns!

Ambeen- Yay!!!!! You must be a big fan of the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson if you just got the newest book. I've read the first one and love it, I'm hoping to read the rest very soon!!!!

Amee said...

Yes I am! I lurrve Georgia. ;)

Heather said...


I only found out about the Breaking Dawn contest yesterday, and didn't have time to be clever!

I'm sad now

Unknown said...

Hey! Who turned out the lights? It's

Unknown said...

Your site is making me go blind :D


I thought I would be loving both, but so far I'm kinda on the fence.

J. Banash

Amee said...

If you're only in the first half of Generation Dead, it gets better. I was on the fence with it too until about half through and then it picked up.

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